Loughton Potato Ground

The oldest Allotment in Essex

Established in 1813

About LPG

The Loughton Potato Ground is at the north end of Loughton, on the edge of Epping Forest. It was established in 1813 and extended in 1817. At that time, the Lady of the Manor, Ann Whitaker, and the Forest Court granted Revd. Anthony Hamilton six acres of forest waste so that the poor inhabitants of Loughton could grow potatoes and vegetables for the improvement of their families. These allotments have been in existence now for over two hundred years and are the oldest in Essex. They may be the only ones in the country in continual existence for all that time.

The Potato Ground is on a south-facing slope with good soil and the best views in Loughton. There are just over 100 plots on the site, where members produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The annual rent for a plot is £30.

Working a plot is a serious commitment but the rewards are high. It is a great way to keep fit and healthy, make new friends and, of course, grow fresh produce. If you’re interested in taking on a plot, please contact us.