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If you’re active in the LOTRO community on Twitter and Twitch, you’ve probably heard of the #lotrofamily hashtag and @lotrofamily Twitter account. The account retweets out #lotrofamily posts, runs screenshot contests, and does oodles of work to support and grow the LOTRO community.

What you might not know is that all that work is done by one guy: FibroJedi. You can learn more about his story on his website: https://fibrojedi.me.uk/

And work it is! FibroJedi made the account a year ago, and has already racked up almost 25,000 tweets (that’s around 70 a day, if you were wondering).

It’s a labor of love, and February 3rd is giving-back day! I’ll be doing a chicken run marathon starting at 9:30am EST (2:30pm GMT), starting with vodcasts of my community’s first Crosser of Roads run over three years ago, followed by the world-first Minas Tirith run. Then, at 6pm EST (11pm GMT), we’ll do a livestream chicken run to Mordor together, and jump in the fires of Mount Doom.

Along the way, all tips/donations that day will go straight to FibroJedi as a thank you for all the work he does, a way for us to show our gratitude for the immense support he’s given to the LOTRO community over the past year.

I invite you to come on out, pull up a chair and a chicken leg, and join us in saying thank you to FibroJedi for all his work promoting our wonderful LOTRO family!

(Want a reminder? Join the event here: https://www.twitch.tv/events/qjAp8-PbQKahJUCxQbIojA)

-- Arathaert