A Wave Goodbye

ipa - int'l photography award winner 2021

Photoville, Dumbo, 2021

My “Rural New Jersey Houses” show surfaces. The surface is where the eye stops. I do not show people who might still live inside the houses; I do not look through the window. I show the façade; I show the outside structure, old, from around the middle of the last century that defined rural Southern New Jersey.

They are in color, even the sky has its color as expected, blue with white clouds like you would see in a friendly ‘real estate’ brochure. I chose a fixed vantage point from which to capture the elements of this landscape reducing traces of subjectivity in my compositions. Like in the brochures I leave the sunny environment to juxtapose the rather emotionally expressionless ‘estate.’

To encourage closer examination and active comparison of structural features, I plan to exhibit these photographs in grids, a way of showing the pieces reflecting the change of rural surroundings into an arrangement of uniform dispositions, intimating encroaching urban anonymity. This documentation serves as the memory of the quickly forgotten pre-urban lifestyles in a time of mass-produced condominiums and prefab housing developments.

These pictures might invite one to revisit in their minds a parent’s or grandparent’s home, to reconnect to the past that is remote and dying - barely seen from the main roads anymore - strip malls and supermarkets dominate the urbanized landscape crushing the past.

Children of Fire

These Children of fire were born through extreme heat and water – they represent connections to earth, pure matter in its full beauty. I accept the creative support of nature, yet my conscious decision formed this body of work. These transparencies, deprived from the original content, have gone through metamorphoses. I felt like a gold washer at a creek, panning for gems in the ashes of my burned slides.

Show history:

. Boyd|Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, 2018

. Blank Wall, Athens, Greece, 2019

. Openings, New York City, 2019

. AlfaArt Gallery, New Brunswick, 2021 - Video interview

Lothar Troeller’s “Children of the fire” is a series reflecting Troeller’s personal journey through crisis and destiny that is physically formed by not only the elements of the earth but by the conscious mind that guides them. The German American artist and photographer whose exhibition work spans over multiple decades and continents, now invites us to observe his Children of the Fire with introspective intent. His visually diverse yet equally striking works are simultaneously vibrant and painful. The raw and heartbreaking series is charged with a sense of perseverance in the face of adversity. The scorched surface gives way to new beginnings, as hardships often do. AlfaArt Gallery

"Creating art from loss, Lothar Troeller exemplifies a phoenix rising from the ashes."

--Brian Paul Clamp, Gallerist, NYC


L'Oeil De La Photographie - weekend portfolio

Honorable Mention / Lucie Awards 2019

As a photographer living in the East Village of New York I’ve been watching Trump’s image appear on buildings in many forms, as his identity in the public unfolds and is resisted. These images reflect nuances that photography can reveal through street art and graffiti that catch the public’s attention. Being on the scene here in one of the biggest cities in the world this work gives viewers a place to position themselves as they begin to explore my investigation of America’s president. Street art is controversial, and the streets serve as a mirror on society. While capturing the color, mystery of everyday changes I used gesture and layering of voices found in my neighborhood, the East Village of New York City walls.

Colombian Resilience

People of San Carlos, Colombia, are traumatized. For decades they have suffered under the violence between guerrillas and paramilitary forces. Almost everybody can report murdered family members.

At the moment violence is calming down; so people take the risk to relocate with the help of the government to their destroyed homes. I photographed their stories.

Colombian Resilience - these photographs have been shown at the parliament house of Pereira where the politicians had to walk by them to their assembly hall, and could read, if they even bothered, the testimonies of these family members of victims of the decades long civil war in Colombia.

American Temples

Between New York City and Lakewood on Route 9 South in New Jersey there are still old fashion diners and fast food temples. They represent both places of gathering and isolation.

I photographed at night, when the black sky separates the lit or glowing objects from their surrounding environment. The patrons are mostly gone and the spaces remain similar to light sculptures. You might see some late food seekers, but the only movements you notice are the flags in the wind.

For me these pictures stand for monuments of the American culture.


Candace (2008) is a color print of a naked woman jumping from a trampoline. Beautiful, with her arms extended and reddish-brown hair flying, she exhibits both, her body and an exuberance, we don’t encounter often. This image by Troeller communicates both athleticism and passion—revered as an American combination!

--Jonathan Goodman

Summer Sex Exhibition at Gallery Lichtundfire, 2017

Stitched NYC

In this portfolio, I took pictures of iconic buildings mostly in Manhattan. Using these recognizable, significant shapes I created composites in a way that one could possibly see looking through a kaleidoscope.

Black & White

Silhouette Spider Awards 2019

Nature Spider Awards 2018

Silhouette Spider Awards 2017

Architectural Spider Awards 2016

City with no Color International Photo Award 2016