Lost Creator Academy Review : $800??

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Lazy to read? Then watch the video, it has all the same juicy content & funnier!

Here is what we will cover:

  • What is the Lost Creator Academy and who is Christian Leblanc?

  • What is Inside the Lost Creator Academy (LCA) ?

  • Prons (Pros & Cons)


  • How to the academy at a GREAT BARGAIN?

  • CRUCIAL STEPS you need to follow if you plan to buy!

  • FAQs


I'll tell you my personal definition of LCA at the very end of this page but at the base, Lost Creator Academy (or LCA) is a content creation course by the famous Youtuber Christian Leblanc.

It touches on all the aspects of Content Creation: Photography, Videography, Website, etc... We will dive into the Academy modules later on.

Regarding the Lost Creator Academy cost, it is a whopping 799 USD!

799 is not CHEAP! It’s a premium price and I totally understand you if you are looking for reviews about this product because it is a huge investment.

It was for me when I bought it last year but Fortunately, I got it at a cheaper price of $672 and you can get it too actually at a much better value than me but more on that later on this page.


He is this regular guy who worked 9-5 as an accountant for a company but he wanted more of life. He wanted to travel and live life on his own terms.

6 years ago, he started his Youtube with nothing but a GoPro and this small camera has helped him to create a massive 7-figure content creation business.

He has amassed a total of 1.8M subscribers on Youtube and around 650K on Instagram and it keeps increasing.

He definitely has had a huge success in content creation space and he is also well-known for his insightful, raw, informative and funny travel vlogs.

He continues to do Youtube full-time and travels around the world and now he is teaching others how to do the same via his Lost Creator Academy.

He claims that the academy has unparalleled value! Let's see whether the Lost Creator Academy is really worth it!


At the base, it’s the academy itself, you have a massive library of over 125 videos, most of which range from 20 to 30 mins.

That makes up for more than 60 hours of training touching on various aspects of content creation. If you are a blogger, vlogger, Youtuber, freelance creator, instagrammed, etc… this academy will resonate a lot with you!

Let's dive in deeper into the key points of the academy:

Inside the actual academy, the videos have been separated 2 sections (Creative and Business) with a total of 9 core modules.


Click on the drop-downs below to find out more about each module from the creative side:

Module 1 - Content Creator Boot Camp

This module is more like a bootcamp, giving you a before taste of the other modules in the academy. You will find various interesting topics and learn about how to speak confidently in front of the camera, make better videos and photos , getting free hotel stays, dos and don’ts of a vlogger, etc… all great stuffs

Module 2 - Creative: Basics

This module is specially geared for beginners, teaching you all the fundamentals of content creation, about how to use a camera, which software or equipment to use for video and photos, how to manage storage and organise files on your hard drive, studio setup, how to tell compelling stories (which is super important btw). Story telling is one of my favourite parts! and a lot more . It’s a solid base to build up on. If you are not a beginner, you will learn a lot from the bootcamp itself.

Module 3 - Creative: Photography

Next is a deep dive in Photography. I did not look through all of the videos yet but I did see a few and it’s really informative. Christian takes us behind the scenes of actual shoots, on the streets or even in hotels and walks us through everything he does and what not to do. There will also be in-depth photoshop and lightroom tutorials, showing you how to transform those photos into good looking pictures, thumbnails with attention to details that matter.

Module 4 - Creative: Videography

This module is all about videography. This is a module where I really learnt a lot, despite myself being in the videography game for quite long. I’ve understood various things about how to edit on a whole new level and how to do your audio right with proper sound design, similar to professional movies. One thing I really loved was how Christian takes us behind the scenes of his best edit and walks through every single detail. That was super valuable.

Module 5 - Creative: Reviewing Your Content

This is where Christian takes his academy to another level providing his own personal advice on the videos and photos that the community has produced. Why is it so important and so valuable? It’s because it’s one thing to watch videos and follow and it’s a totally different thing having the teacher himself reviewing your content and giving you personalised and professional advice. I’m thankful he managed to review my video…. he said am his man…check it out…


Click on the drop-downs below to find out more about each module from the business side:

Module 6 - Business: Monetization

This is one item that is often overlooked in many courses. Other courses focus more on likes and followers, teaching you how to gain more followers but they don’t actually teach you how to make a profitable business.

This is my favourite module as I learnt a lot! Christian starts from the base, teaching how to make money with no following and slowly transitions into when you will be a full-time content creator.

Christian touches on things that I never thought before, for example about contracts for brand deals. He will give you ready-made templates that you can use to land collaborations, a pricing calculator to know exactly how much you should charge for freelance videos, photos and even collabs!

This is super packed with value and definitely worth it!

Module 7 - Business: Social Growth

Module 7 is about Social Growth and is all about growing your brand online. He focuses on Instagram and Youtube mainly and gives great tips to implement.

I have implemented the tips he taught in Youtube and did see results. From there, I did even more in-depth research and tried to perfect my skills and criteria on on how to rank videos on Youtube and now, I am able to rank videos fairly easily even with a small channel.

With 2000+ subscribers, I am able to pull 35K or 20K views for some videos. I get continuous views everyday and that’s the power of Youtube SEO! This is one skill that you definitely want to learn if you are just starting out!

Module 8 - Business: Sell Your Own Product

In this section, Christian will walk you through how you can sell your own product and not rely on only collabs and paid advertisements.

This is good because you should not always rely on collabs and brand deals. Having your own product will give you some safety net when collabs run dry.

Module 9 - Guest Speakers

This is not entirely about the business section but it encompasses creative as well. Recently there has been a lot of Guest speakers and other trainers who have come onboard the academy to share their knowledge and experience.

This is great as it is constantly changing and new contents are being added.



On top of the academy is the massive, and when i say MASSIVE, i MEAN it…the massive LCA community which is around 2400 right now (going to 2500 soooon!).

The community is the most exciting part.

All the members are welcomed in a private facebook group and from thereHaving access and being surrounded by people who have similar mindset s and goals is such a strong driving force for you. It’s a big plus for you!

Everyone goes at a different pace and seeing others reaching certain milestones subconsciously give you the courage to go a little bit more in your quest. That will be lacking if you were on your own.

Do you have a pressing question or need some advice on something, just post in the facebook group and you will be sure to have some advice in short while.


Alternatively, there is also a discord community where there are multiple subgroups based on countries, interest, relationship status, goals, niche, etc… Feel free to join any of them that you resonate with and you can make new friends and invest in other people’s journey.

And what happens when creators come together…well you have lots of things: meet ups, challenges, hangouts, events, workshops etc…, a bit more on that later but the community is indeed PRICELESS! I think that even tops the academy section.

Check some of the Discord Groups here >

By now, you must have a pretty good idea what LCA is all about… now let’s go to the Prons! (Pros + Cons = Prons :P)

I usually like to start with the bad news and move on with the good news (that makes more sense right!?):


CON 1 - Questions within the Academy

Currently in the academy, there is no way to comment under a video so that you can ask a question related to the video. For me, it would have been better if there was a comment box and that people can reply to questions. In the future, if there are other people watching the same module, they would see all the questions raised on a particular video and this will avoid them asking the same question again.

It’s a bit tricky but you still have a way around it whereby you can ask it in the Facebook group and someone will reply you. You just have to take a little bit more time to word and put into context what you want to ask in Facebook.

CON 2 - Updates on New Content

One thing is that whenever there are new contents being added, you don’t get notified on that. So, you might not always know when there is a new content.

That said, they do try to inform in the Facebook group but if you are not on Facebook a lot, the Facebook algorithm might not show it to you.

The work around for that is that you can always go back to the course to check from time to time (maybe once a month or once every 2 months) and check the Academy updates as shown on the left. For me, it would have been better if the LCA team should be sending an email to notify us of new additions.

CON 3 - DIRECT Mentorship from Lost LeBlanc

THIS is not really a con but more on setting the expectation right when it comes to the mentorship part. It’s mentioned that you have direct mentorship from Christian and that he will help you overcome challenges.

It’s true, you do have direct access to Lost Leblanc through the Facebook group but don’t expect Christian to reply everyone of your questions. That's what I thought when I just entered the academy and I was sad that he was not always answering my questions. It's only with time that I realised that with the huge number of members, it is impossible for him to attend to everything. Don’t always rely on him. Tap into the power of community and certainly he will join the conversations sometimes. He does his best to answer but it's not for all the posts.

These are the main cons I could think of but hey they are not really deal-breakers and they have a work around somehow!


Now let’s move on to the PROs:

PRO 1 - High Quality Videos

There is a high quality content with great sound and a lots of videos (125+ to this date).

There is constant learning, at your own pace.

You can adjust the speed of videos so that you can finish things faster. I normally watch the videos in 1.25x speed. There is intentionally no music in the background so that you can turn on your own music and listen to music that you want!

It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Quality of information is pure gold and covers the topic of content creation pretty well, from different aspects!

PRO 2 - Vibrant community

As mentioned earlier, the LCA community is big! In it, you will find travel buddies, find support, friends for life, collaborations, speed dating events (not to find your soulmate but more to learn about other creators) , hangouts, creator challenges, workshops, editing sessions over zoom, prizes, etc...!

You will never feel lonely or bored. Even if you are, just stay tuned on the Events and join any event that is happening and am sure you will feel much better connecting with the fam!

Recently, there has been a lot of LCA meetups around the world. These are organised rather informally with people in the same area or region.

PRO 3 - Insightful Resources

Christian goes above and beyond to deliver things that people will not normally share. To help you in your creator journey, you will have access to the following:

  • Pricing Calculator - You will know exactly how to charge brands, whether you are doing a freelance videography, photoshoot, shoutout on Instagram or a brand deal on Youtube. You will get paid what you deserve!

  • Equipment List - Anything that Christian uses and he recommends, you will get to know in the equipment list.

  • Media kit - You will have access to Lost LeBlanc's media kit which you can use as reference to build your own. This is super valuable!

  • Email Templates - He will provide you will email templates that you can use to pitch to brands to get freebies or even get paid for the work. A lot of people have been using the Hotel Collaboration emails to get FREE STAYS at hotels!

PRO 4 - Lifetime access

The best part about the Lost Creator Academy is that you will have LIFETIME access to it. You can go at your own pace and finish the course in your time. You don't have to worry about a deadline. Even if you have already finished the academy, then the good news is that the contents are always being revisited and new updated content is added regularly. That's why it's called an Academy and not simply a course and for each addition, you will not have to pay a single penny for that.

That said, with so much value being poured into the academy, its price will inevitably increase in the future. Hence, it is in your best interest to get it at the lowest price possible today! But read until the end if you are serious about buying it.

PRO 5 - Money back guarantee

It's true! Sometimes it can happen that you invest in something and it's not up to what you expected. At a price tag of 799 USD, it makes complete sense to be able to get a refund if it doesn't match your expectation. You can totally to that with the Lost Creator Academy as long as you haven't watched 50% of the course within 30 days. You can safely decide if LCA is the right fit for you. Else, you can claim your money back!



For myself, LCA has been a huge help in my content creation, from levelling up my videos and thinking more in terms of he business side of content creation. I am in a much better shape now than when I started.

I've picked up some key insights from the Academy and through some hardwork and research, I've been able to hone my craft around Youtube SEO and now I'm getting recurring views for my Youtube, bringing me passive income every month.

Through the Academy, I've also recouped more than what I invested in. And am also getting income every month. It's definitely been a GAME-CHANGER for me!


To me, it's more than worth it! I can't believe why he is charging that much for LCA. This is easily worth more than $1000. It exceeded my expectations.

I won't deny that it was expensive for me when I bought it. It was and I was the kind of guy who was really careful to only watch 50% of the Academy within the first 30 days so that I could easily get a refund. But after 2-3 weeks in, I could confidently conclude that it was worth my investment!

After all, you can't go wrong with more than 500+ positive review on the course! There is no going wrong with it, it IS WORTH IT!

Check out some of the many Lost Creator Academy reviews below:

And this leads to my personal definition of Lost Creator Academy:

LOST CREATOR ACADEMY is taking a lost creator and turning him/her into an expert in content creation!


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BONUS 1 - Signature eBook

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BONUS 2 - Youtube Video Ranking

I've been travelling a lot at insane bargains. I even flew for FREE MANY TIMES using techniques that nobody else has ever talked about! And because a lot of people asked me how in the world did I do this, I created an ebook detailing each and everyone of those secrets which I'm selling for $19.

You will find all the crazy hack that I've used to get more than 20,000 USD worth of free travels, how to get paid for other people's bookings, how to get unlimited accommodations for FREE or a negligible amount and also, how to create income while travelling!

And the final bonus...

BONUS 3 - Make Money Online

It is important to know that specially in the beginning, it might be hard to monetise your content as a content creator. Am not saying it's not possible but for me personally, it took a while before I really got the gist of it.

Through this bonus (which will be available towards the end of 2022), I will show you ways on how I generate money online on the side, without any brand , following and content creation. I will show you what is working for me and how I'm using this technique to earn extra cash for my future.

This will be in the form of an e-course which will likely sell for $97 or $197. If you decide to enrol through the steps I'll outline shortly, it will be yours for FREE.

That's a LOT!
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Just to sum up...You are essentially getting:

15% Discount on Lost Creator academy
1 eBook packed with lots of travel tips
2 e-Courses that will help in your content creation journey

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And there might be more bonuses added with time!


STEP 1 - Don't use any incognito or private browsing. Use a browser in normal mode on a laptop.

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  • In case you have already watched the FREE training before and you already have the 15% discount link, you should just ensure that you do steps 1 to 3 above before your purchase (Step 5)

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STEP 5 - Purchase Lost Creator Academy for the full upfront price of $679.

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Note: $679 is at the time of writing. This is subject to change.

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That's it! I hope you've enjoyed my Lost Creator Academy Review and all the discounts and bonuses!

If you have any questions, do email me at kelvin.lcabonus@gmail.com!

Else, I'll see you inside the LCA Academy!