Discover the Dark Science Fantasy Universe of Harbinger

Ancient voidships drift across the Known Orbits of the gas giant Bastion. A mancer's veins glow vivid emerald as she channels volatile space energy. A grime-streaked mechanist, accompanied by her floating servitors, breaks the centuries-old seal on a rune-etched door. A tireless treader, armed with his heirloom pulser weapon, tracks a beast across the desolate wastes of a fringe moon. Meanwhile, the Harbinger, a leviathan alien structure, eclipses the stars.

Discover the grim and wondrous science-fantasy universe of the Harbinger Roleplaying Game, where danger and glory await adventurers dogged enough to journey into the vast, unclaimed void – or into the dark, labyrinthine innards of the Harbinger itself.

The Harbinger RPG is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world's greatest fantasy roleplaying game and includes all-new classes, races, and backgrounds; sci-fi infused weapons and gear, including weapon/armor mods; location and item conditions; and a unique risk/reward magic system.

Currently in active development and playtesting by Absolute Tabletop, the Harbinger RPG provides players and Game Masters with everything they need to run spacefaring adventures across a dark sci-fi/fantasy universe.

The Pillars of Harbinger


Ancient, reclaimed, and sought-after. Most pieces of tech are relics of a bygone era.


Volatile, dangerous, yet integral. Astra fuels everything, from ships to spells.


Vast, unknown reaches, riddled with ruins and long-dead secrets.


Malicious entities writhe within the Harbinger and spill forth across the void.


Noble houses and factions vie for power in a constant flux of control and influence.