A Science Fantasy Roleplaying Game by Absolute Tabletop

The Age of the Harbinger

Ancient voidships drift across the Known Orbits of the gas giant Bastion. A mancer's veins glow vivid emerald as she channels volatile space energy. A grime-streaked mechanist, accompanied by her floating servitors, breaks the centuries-old seal on a rune-etched door. A tireless treader, armed with his heirloom pulser weapon, tracks a beast across the desolate wastes of a fringe moon. And the Harbinger, a leviathan alien structure, eclipses the stars.

Discover the grim and wondrous science-fantasy universe of the Harbinger Roleplaying Game, where danger and glory await adventurers dogged enough to journey into the vast, unclaimed void – or into the dark, labyrinthine innards of the Harbinger itself.

What is Harbinger?

Harbinger is a 5E-based dark science fantasy roleplaying ruleset and campaign setting being developed by indie RPG outfit Absolute Tabletop. Matt Click serves as its chief designer.

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Harbinger is inspired by elements of both science fiction and medieval fantasy – equal portions daring space exploration, eldritch horror, scavenging survival, and high intrigue.

Based on the fifth edition ruleset of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying game, Harbinger adds new rules, races, backgrounds, classes, and equipment, as well as a completely unique, high-risk/high-reward magic system.

The Pillars of the Harbinger RPG

⚙️ Tech: Ancient, reclaimed, and sought-after. Most pieces of tech are relics of a bygone era.

Magic: Volatile, dangerous, yet integral to all life in the Known Orbits. Magic fuels everything.

🌌 Discovery: Vast, unknown reaches, riddled with ruins and long-dead secrets. Danger abounds.

💀 Horror: Unknown entities writhe within the Harbinger and spill forth across the Known Orbits.

⚔️ Intrigue: Noble houses vie for power in a constant flux of control and influence.

What is Absolute Tabletop?

Absolute Tabletop is a community-driven, independent tabletop RPG publisher with a passion for the big picture, a devotion to the little details, and a knack for making products you'll actually want to use at your game table. Absolute Tabletop is currently developing the Harbinger RPG under the 5E Open Gaming License.

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Who is the Artist?

All of the amazing art you see here was created by Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer.

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