Lorica Nostrum Integrated Combat System has been designed to work in special covert missions where a very low recognition profile is required.

1. It has the same ballistic protection as a soldier or L&E officer, with soft armour inserts and hard armour plates.

2. It can carry the same weapons, and mission equipment.

3. It provides a tactical advantage.

It has been tested in static line jumps, military freefall jumps, and waterborne operations.




  1. LORICA NOSTRUM Integrated Combat System (I.C.S.) is an Integrated Combat System invented and designed by Military and L&E Personnel to work in special covert missions where a very low recognition profile is required, with the same ballistic protection, weapons and mission that a soldier or L&E Officer.
  2. It was invented during covert missions in Afghanistan, between years 2002 and 2004. Its main purpose was, and still is, to allow the soldier or L&E Officer to use it in its full offensive envelope, tactical initiative and user combat awareness.
  3. It includes the best available ballistic protection, and it is manufactured employing the best raw materials, under the most strictest military standards and quality regulations.

The current Market is huge and fair competition is always welcomed, since we strongly believe it is the best way to develop new products to protect our comrades in arms.

Our Press release is intended to report that our product is being fraudulently copied and marketed by other companies (Israel, Ukraine, and USA) which infringe all our patents, and that they are selling the counterfeit copies without any ballistic protection certification or any agency clearance. Our Company will take aggressive, unflinching action to eliminate any and all counterfeit operations. It should be perfectly clear that Lorica Nostrum will not tolerate any counterfeit products that essentially duplicate Lorica Nostrum designs but not quality on the market. Our Company created these products and it is simply unacceptable to have low-level companies steal our property and profit from it, especially at the expense of our end-users, the soldiers and police who protect us each and every day. Lorica Nostrum will take any and all actions within their power to put a forceful and immediate stop to illegal counterfeit businesses and illicit knockoff products, using every legal means at their disposal to prosecute offenders with extreme prejudice. Our Company has invested a huge budget in designing, manufacturing, testing and certifying their products, and we will not tolerate the outright theft of our intellectual property and patents infringement. Our Company’s mission is to provide the very best protection to soldiers and we will stamp out anyone who attempts to undermine that promise to those who protect us. Lorica Nostrum will relentlessly pursue offenders and will not stop until all involved are brought to justice and their illegal copies destroyed or retired from market.