My name is Lorenzo (Tlacaelel) Lambertino. I'm a linguist and yoga teacher currently based in San Francisco, California. For current and upcoming linguistics classes (current students at SJSU) please visit my Linguistics page.

I'm a multicultural blend of Lebanese, Slovak, Italian, Basque; raised in a rural Zapotec village in southern Oaxaca, Mexico. I've spent many years living and working in places as diverse as Mexico, Japan, and the USA.

My interest in linguistic documentation and revitalization with the Zapotec language from my area of Oaxaca has led to working with eBay and Google in high-profile management roles for linguistic Artificial Intelligence projects.

Most recently, a vibrant passion for yoga has ignited a dynamic yoga teacher practice in the Bay Area, with private sessions also offered online. For more info about upcoming classes/workshops, visit my Yoga page.

I love to make art of various forms, which you can peruse on The Arts page. You may purchase these and other things I've found at my web Store.

For updates, suscribe to my Blog.

Curriculum Vitae

For a summary of my CV, visit my Linked-In page. A more complete PDF version can be obtained upon request.