Services Offered

Lord's Roofing Company offers all of these services-


Typical installation includes-

  • Tear-off your old roof and replace damaged wood decking with matching size and thickness. 2 boards are included with each project .
  • Install new metal drip-edge on gutter edges and rake/gable ends which is building code required now in Ohio and is considered correct roofing practice in general.
  • Install new building code compliant ice and water shield ( a self-sealing peel and stick rubber like membrane that helps prevent ice dam backups from happening in the winter) on gutter edges which extends up the gutter edge 24" to the inside of the interior wall and in valley areas, along walls, chimneys and in problem flashing areas .
  • Install new underlayment #15 or #30 lb. felt ( tar paper ) or new synthetic underlayment ( similar to a Tyvek-like house wrap ).
  • Install new perimeter seal strip system ( starter system )that seals down the entire perimeter of roof unlike the previous roofing practice of turning a 3tab shingle upside down on the perimeter.
  • Reflash chimneys, walls and install new vent pipe boots.
  • Replace and improve ventilation such as adding additional box vents or if roof permits low-profile high performance ridge vent.Ventilation is the key to removing summer heat and wintertime moisture condensation in the attic. Lord's Roofing Company will advise and suggest proper ventilation solutions.
  • Install lifetime dimensional shingles in owners choice of colors from all manufacturers using a 6 nail per shingle install method that is wind rated up to 130 miles per hour. Lord's Roofing Company uses a ring shanked roofing nail which provides 3x the holding power compared to traditional smooth shanked roofing nails which reduces the chance of nail pops and shingle seal failure.
  • To paint all pipes and metal flashings with a quality exterior paint that closely matches the roof color.
  • All areas of the house perimeter will be tarped off to prevent damage, contain tear-off debris and will aid in the cleanup.
  • Lord's Roofing Company uses single axle dump trucks or 2 axle rubber tired trailers to prevent driveway damage and for the disposal of all roofing materials that day. This way the driveway will not be damaged with big ,heavy dumpster trucks and the driveway will not be clogged for days waiting for completion of the project and pick up of the dumpster. All gutters will be cleaned out and the perimeter will be swept with a high powered yard magnet to collect any nails that might've fallen outside the tarp area.
  • Our goal is to leave the house and grounds cleaner than it was before we arrived.
  • Non typical install: Nail over your existing roof if it has one layer of shingles ( Not usually recommended ;however it is approved under building code regulations ) , replace vent pipe boots and either replace ridge vent with new shingle over ridge vent or to reflash around existing box vents
  • Both of these are typically 1 Day installs with your materials being delivered the day before .

Slate- Metal-Tile Roofs-Some of the longest lasting roofing materials available and usually found on churches, commercial buildings and some older residences. These can be repaired since the whole roof generally will not fail all at once. There are some material life costing expenses such as long term increased maintenance and repair costs , painting for metal ( if an older coated metal roof), greater probability of steepness and harder to access roofs.

EPDM Rubber- Always found on flat roofs, commercial or low sloped porch roofs. EPDM rubber is the "Go To Solution " for flat roof applications like main office buildings, schools, commercial roofs and low sloped residential roofs. Very adaptable with a long life span rubber can be customized to fit difficult roof flashing areas and large span flat roofs. The 2 main types of EPDM rubber roofs are :

  • Ballasted where large smooth whitish colored gravel hold the roof membrane down to the deck and the whitish color reflects the suns rays and helps keep the roof heat load rating down and lowers the buildings internal temperature
  • Mechanically fastened/ Fully Adhered- The rubber is fastened to the roof deck through the use of screws, plates/bars/strips etc. or is fully adhered to the insulation board using contact cement.( Fully adhered is mostly used on smaller roofs due to extra cost of adhesives ).

5" and 6" Seamless Gutters- Most roof systems do not have sufficient gutter systems installed to help with water management. New seamless gutters ran off on site can add to the beauty of your building in many different colors instead of the usual white , brown or clay. Installed with new hidden internal screw-type hangers the gutters are screwed into the gutter board which makes it a stronger system and gives them a cleaner appearance. New 2"x 3" or 3"x4" downspouts for 6" gutters makes the installation complete since downspouts are usually hit or beat-up by the mower , weed-eater or kids.Lord's Roofing Company recommends 6" gutters and 3'x4" downspouts for all roofs over 7-12 pitch (steepness) or if the length of the gutter being run is over 60' in length.

Gutter Guards-Gutter guards can eliminate leaf and tree debris and slow your gutters elimination of water. Lord's Roofing Company can install new or retrofit guards to your existing gutters and stop the worry of gutter backups and trying to find someone to clean them. Our preferred gutter guard is Shur-Flow which is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and fastened to the gutters with stainless steel screws.These won't rust, blow out or warp in the sun. Low profile and high performance and low cost to install make these our preferred choice.

Siding-There are several alternatives to wood siding now with vinyl siding being the best choice in color selection, durability and cost. Another good choice is fiber cement siding which has the appearance of wood but wears like concrete. Along with new siding installs Lord's Roofing company can repair yours ( due to age and fading issues an exact color match will be difficult ). As part of the project we can wrap doors , windows, gable boards and gutter boards with low maintenance aluminum coil to match or highlight the siding and install new vented vinyl soffett on overhangs and porch ceilings.

Masonry- Most people tend to forget about their masonry / brick chimneys and exterior needs maintenance too. Sometimes something as simple as a tuck-point or new concrete chimney crown can avoid and eliminate a costly chimney rebuild. Lord's Roofing Company will reflash your chimney , tuck-point, waterproof, install new flue liners and a concrete crown or even rebuild your chimney from the ground up. We will alert you to any potential brick or chimney issues we notice during your inspection.

Lord's Roofing Company can work with your insurance company also on storm damage claims. With thousands of storm damage claims settled we can help you get the assistance you need for a fair and accurate settlement for your storm damage.

Call Lord's Roofing Company today at 513-248-LORD (5673 ) or email to to see how we can give your building a fresh new maintenance free look.