Mission Statement:

Lord's Roofing Company is the first and only "mission based" roofing company !

10% of every job donated to your church school or charity of choice.

Lord's Roofing Company was founded on the idea of giving back 10 % to local churches or charities of the customers choice and to treat people honestly, ethically and with integrity. We do not believe in "high pressure or best price today" sales tactics. We will always give everyone our best price the first time and will explain every facet of each and every job.Without sacrificing the quality or workmanship involved.

How this works-

Upon acceptance of any project with Lord's Roofing Company the customer will specify what church or charity they would like the donation to go to. If no church or charity is selected then Lord's Roofing Company will alternate charities such as St. Vincent de Paul, Matthew 25: Ministries, Salvation Army, Viet Nam Vets,American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ,The Children's Miracle Network and the SPCA to name a few.

(This is not added into the sales price and then given off as a discount like some other companies do.)

How it's calculated-

After materials, labor and overhead are deducted from the total project amount; 10% will be deducted from the net proceeds and will be donated to the customer's church of choice or charity and will be named as the donators or anonymously donated if customers instruct Lord's Roofing Company to do so.

For example- If the Smith's total project cost was $5,000 and labor, materials and overhead came to $3,500 the net proceeds were $1500 and the Smiths wanted St. Vincent de Paul to receive the donation -then $150 (10% of $1500=$150 ) would be given to St. Vincent de Paul on behalf of the Smiths.

Levels of transparency-

Lord's Roofing Company will provide the customer of the project with written proof of the donation being made to their charity or church selected such as a cancelled check, credit card statement etc. showing the donation.

Lord's Roofing Company will provide honest dependable service and will give 10% back to every customer's church or charity of choice.No exceptions will be made since ultimately we are in God's hands and will need to answer to him for our actions. We believe in doing the right thing.

Roof in Need -Good Deed

As part of Lord's Roofing Company commitment to giving back to the community we will accept submissions on homeowners who need a new roof but cannot afford one. We will ask our local suppliers for materials , save surplus materials from other jobs and provide the labor to remove and install our selected candidate's roof. This will be on a hardship case by case basis but we'll do everything in our power to help roof the needy in our community.

If you know of someone who is in desperate need of a new roof but can't otherwise afford one please submit their names for consideration. With their permission of course or if you'd like to surprise them yourself if selected.If you're the homeowner please call Lord's Roofing Company today at 513-248-LORD (5673) or email to info@lordsroofingcompany.com with your submission or story and see if we can help.