About Us

Lord's Roofing Company was founded by Gary and Cammie Beatty.

Being Catholic in faith and Christian by nature they decided to satisfy their calling to God and to give back to the community's churches and charities for projects completed by local homeowners , churches and businesses with a 10% tithe ( donation )from net proceeds.

Being parishioners at Saint Veronica Church in Mt. Carmel they attend regular Mass services and are inspired by the good deeds of men and women who abide by the Christian faith , serve others and are doing the right thing in God's eyes.

Gary is the leading edge in overseeing, estimating and project management. Being a former roofer himself he has been on countless installs on thousands of roofing projects and looks at all projects from an installers point of view. He is also well versed in siding and gutter projects. Starting out at a young age working for a local General Contractor he had learned the "ins and outs" of roofing, home repair and maintenance from an "old school professional" and has an excellent working knowledge in all aspects of building construction . After working for several of the larger roofing companies in town and realized that none of these had a mission statement , no tie backs to the local communities or churches and were just in it for the money they had decided to start Lord's Roofing Company.

Cammie will be in charge of all scheduling and office functions. With a passion for customer service, attention to detail and an unwavering attitude for doing the right thing Cammie will be the voice behind the name.

The idea to create Lord's Roofing Company came to Gary one night while being involved with another roofing company when he realized that they were only in it for profit.Not necessarily a bad thing :however doing good and doing right are not the same things. Hence the idea was born to doing the right thing by giving back to someone's church or charity of choice. If you can do right by helping people then in God's eyes you'll do good.

We are all here to serve and this was our idea to serve the community through the area's " first and only mission based" roofing company.

Lord's Roofing Company

100 Castleberry Ct. #591

Milford, Ohio 45150

513-248-LORD (5673)



God Bless each and every one of you,

The Beatty's