Product Info

Technical info:

Unique cone shape

Double layered polyethylene ( PE ) urinal with minimized outlet

Stainless-steel bracket

Brass fittings

Surface minimized PE bottle trap , with 32mm outlet, height adjustable

Complete installation kit

Designed to last for 50 years

Rotation-moulded - each unit is unique

Made in New Zealand


No 'splash-back' = clean floors

Unisex- for both women and men

Flush-less and odour-less

Save Water - Save Money

Easy to install even in existing bathrooms

Low maintenance

Allows collection of NPK for fertiliser

Starter Kit for sustainable sanitation!

Highly beneficial add-on for all toilets

Colorful to mark the change to Eco-Sanitation

Our flush-less Loop it Pee happy urinals enable your transition towards sustainable eco-sanitation .

Their conical form catches and drains with no splash-back, as can happen with some traditional urinal designs

Flushing with water is not required.

All liquids funnel down through the 12 mm lower opening, through the trap which is specially surfaced to counteract the formation of mineral grit which contributes to its being odour-free.

This model has been tested successfully for more than 10 years.

Our urinals and their traps come in 6 different colors and are all made of polyethylene (PE).

We don't use mixed plastics. PE is easy to handle, durable and long lasting and is recyclable.

The amount needed for one urinal equals in average the amount one person in the western world use for plastic bags and packaging in only one month. But our urinals are designed to last 50 years and more.

We will recycle them and produce them from recycled materials.

The brackets are all made of stainless-steel.

We usually think of urinals being for men only - but -using the 'skier' position- women can also use Pee-Happy Urinals !

Pee-Happy urinals add a touch of colour to your bathroom.

They can be installed outdoors, in work-places, at your bach -whereever you have a small sheltered area

Imagine how useful it will be during a barbecue! ( lemon trees enjoy the nutrition they get from pee - but be careful not to overdo it ) .

With Pee-Happy you can keep the bathroom clean and keep your plants healthy.

Economy: Save Water

About one third of our household water is used for flushing, mainly for urine.

Ecology: urine is not ' waste'.

Urine contains high amounts of nutrients ( NPK) which are responsible for the over-fertilization of our rivers, lakes and estuaries - by destroying the natural balance thereby promoting the growth of algae.

The health of our waterways is negatively affected by contaminiation with medicines, chemicals and hormones that are not removed by sewerage treatment plants.

It has been scientifically proved that urine can be stored, added to the soil and used in agriculture and horticulture.

The soil has a completely different ability to break down medicine and hormones.

It makes much better sense to use urine to fertilize your garden.

According to ancient Maori wisdom: our pee and poo should be disposed of in the earth and not to water.

According to modern science : pee and poo belong to the nutrient-loop not to the water-loop.