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What can we learn from Radiaesthesie about 5G?

Radiaesthesie is an art that has been practised for thousands of years in Europe and is best translated as “feeling the radiation”. Throughout that time, radiaesthesie was used to identify good home-building sites, and to locate water sources, medicinal plants, minerals and much more. However, because 1200 years ago the church forbade its use except in finding water, today it is generally only known as “divining for water”.

Forty years ago, engineers, doctors, homeopaths and architects interested in high-frequency wave theory, further developed radiaesthesie to the point where it is now used to detect and verify different frequency phenomena and to measure wavelength-precise radiation.

G5 and its Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

We experience radiation in different forms and frequencies. For example, we enjoy the electromagnetic radiation of our fireplace when it heats up our frozen bones in a cold winter-day and the warming infra-red radiation of the sun. The sun has a far higher frequency than the highest 5G network frequency offered for sale (approx. 13 x the power of 10, compared to 11 x the power of 10). When we listen to a beautiful music-concert we can perceive it through the EMR frequency that is much lower again (3 x the power of 10).

Why are 5G Frequencies Causing Concern?

G5 networks are utilising the frequency-spectrum from 9 to 11 x the power of 10, and a wavelength between mm and one meter. These, and all other frequencies, exist in the nature. Why then are the frequencies used for 5G raising concerns?

The 5 G frequency-spectrum and wavelengths that 5G networks use are the same ones that are involved in managing cell functions of plants, animals and humans. It seems that 5 G frequencies can interrupt or confuse living cell functions - in a sense that natural regulation systems are disorientated by man-made impulses with the same frequencies. One way to understand this is to think of the interference that occurs when multiple radio frequencies are broadcast on the one bandwidth.

Through my personal experiences I am convinced that, because biological cell functions and 5G EMF utilise the same frequencies, the long-term effects of 5G emitters are detrimental to the immune defence-system and other regulatory systems of plants, animals and humans.

5 G frequency-spectrum effects on the subconsciousness.

Radiaetets (radiaesthesie practioners) do not regard the human subconscious as a primitive, disorientated “reptilian brain”. Rather, we regard it as humanity’s most important treasure; it holds our collective and personal wisdom, not only from our current lives but from earliest human times.

Many people take substances to deliberately alter their moods or subconscious – alcohol, drugs, “mother’s little helpers”. This is a matter of personal choice, and choice of substance, quantity, time, place and purpose.

Different 5G frequencies have been shown to affect the subconscious and moods of people subjected to them. This raises two main concerns.

The first is do with choice. If an urban area is saturated with 5G frequencies for communication purposes, everyone within that area is exposed to them. A grid of 5 G transmitter poles at each corner removes the option of personal choice or consent – no one can avoid the influence.

The second is do with control. Military and police worldwide are already working on ways to use those frequencies as weapon and mind control by manipulating our subconscious.

Today “scientific” research is dominated by corporate business interests and presented to society as dogma, nearly in the same way as religion once was. At the same time, access to our subconscious is blocked by continuous bombardment of fear and frustration – fear promulgated by the weapon industry that requires continuous conflict for its obscene profits.

Once we recognise that “the good must fight the bad one” is only a trick to control our minds and actions (the war on terror creates only terror), we are able to retrieve the treasure of our subconscious and immediately discover that nearly all people all over the world, in all countries, of all religions, want peace and happiness.

Let us believe in our feelings. Let us have the control of our own


We must not allow the current dysfunctional system to use yet

another tool to control our feelings with fear and frustration.

Let us save and develop our subconscious ourselves.