Refreshing the Looks of Your Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to reshaping the bathroom, there are no limits regarding the expenditures. But, it doesn’t really mean that you cannot refresh your bathroom if you are on a budget. There are some simpler and cost effective ways to make sure that your bathroom looks nice and even luxurious.

A few tips in this regard are worth mentioning.

Choose a pattern

Attaching wallpaper to the bathroom walls can be highly expensive. Apart from the cost of paper, you may have to pay for prepping the walls for wallpaper. Nevertheless, you don’t need to cover every wall entirely. You can pick portions or you can attach wallpaper to just one wall of the bathroom. Here, your main job is to make intelligent decision about picking the wall or portion of the walls. You can use wallpaper on all of the walls by taking into consideration a fixed pattern.

Frame the mirror

Mirror is an essential part of the bathroom. There are different sizes of mirrors you can select in this regard. Another major benefit of the mirror is that it can make the bathroom look spacious. But if you are going for the plain and frameless mirror, you might need to rethink about your decision in this regard. When you attach frame around the mirror, you actually create a customized look of your choice.

If your bathroom is less spacious, you can use wall-mounted medicine cabinet instead of the mirror. This attachment will provide you not only with the necessary mirror which you need in the bathroom but also the extra storage option.

Add lighting

The bathroom needs to be bright because it has to provide ease to the home members when they stand in front of the mirror for shaving or doing makeup. With that said, if your bathroom doesn’t have enough lighting in it, it will lose functionality. Chandeliers and pendants can be used for lighting purposes especially when ceiling is taller, and you want to insert elegance in the bathroom’s environment. And if there are other fixtures you want to use, make sure that they are appropriate for the bathroom’s environment.

Bathroom hardware

Bathroom fixtures such as hooks, handles, soap dispensers and faucets can be easily updated. And the good news is that this general update can bring new look to the bathroom in no time in a cost effective manner. As a way to add extra space, you can hang shallow shelving or fit a bar to hang the towel. That will not only increase overall storage capability but it will also make overall outlook admirable.

Give it a scrub

Sometimes, all a bathroom may need is the deep cleaning. Therefore, using a sponge until the surface shines again is the best way to refresh the looks of bathroom. Moreover, make sure that dirt and dust consolidated between the tiles is picked out.