Welcome to Bluebox, your kinky personal shopper

Bluebox, started in 2014, Blue Box is run by 4 kinksters in Christchurch (New Zealand), with the aim of offering a personalised approach to sourcing and selling BDSM products for the New Zealand community.


  • If we can get a product, we will give you a cost and time frame.
  • We don't and won't stock everything.
  • We don't have every item in stock, or in large quantities.

If we can point you in the direction of another person in the NZ Community who sells the product you are after, we will pass on their Fetlife details.


We sell products at Munches and events in Christchurch (New Zealand).



Postage is available at actual cost - thats the price NZ Post charge us.

Typically $6-$10 for most items around New Zealand (canes due to there size $12), more details HERE


Payment is by bank transfer.

Need help, use our online Enquiry Form