We Have More Mountains to Climb

Dear Friends,

John and I are writing to ask for your help as we begin the all-important process of finding a living liver donor for Jack Bresnahan. Jack’s liver is failing. When Jack was only 7, he was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis(PSC), a rare, chronic liver disease that causes the bile ducts to scar, narrow and eventually become blocked. As a result, we are searching for a living donor who can donate a portion of his/her liver to Jack. We are reaching out to our friends in the hope that someone will see the information on this page and offer to be a living donor for Jack or recommend someone to us. Please look at the information on this page for information on becoming a living donor for Jack. You may also call the Massachusetts General Hospital Living Donor Program at 617-643-7193. With your kindness and help, Jack will return to the mountains that he loves.

With love and thanks, Tami & John Bresnahan

Live Liver Donor Recovery Timeline

Here is what you can generally expect during your recovery:

In 2-3 weeks: Your liver function will normalize. You will be allowed to

drive again when you regain your physical strength and no longer require

pain medications.

By 6 to 12 weeks: Your activity level will increase and you may wish to

return to work or school. Some people heal quicker than others, so this time

varies greatly from donor to donor.

In 2 to 3 months: Your liver volume will have regenerated to at least 80% its

original size. Most patients report feeling “normal” and nearly all donors are

back to work or school.

Please call the Mass General Living Donor Program