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let's make it interesting !

but why making it interesting ?

I N T E R E S T is what connects employees with their companies, buyers with products, and users with services. Just because we’re living in the world of people that constantly compete for our attention, making us choose one or another. Where to work? What to buy? Where to go? What to watch? Who to talk to and about what?

We think our goal is to find this interest and convey it as smoothly as possible. If we do this right, the viewer’s attention opens up to loyalty towards the point of the story that we’re telling through design and animation, helping them make a decision and choice.


Every organization has an audience. It consists of employees, clients, and clients-to-be. The larger the company is, the wider its audience is and the more important it is to communicate with it more effectively.

I N T E R E S T and E M O T I O N S

When we speak with the audience through animated images, we speak a simple and intuitive language of emotions. This language is quickly perceived and doesn’t require translation.

So, with emotions we turn complex ideas into exciting stories that further convert viewers’ attention into interest and loyalty towards the point of the story.


Talking to the audience through emotions, stories, and interest, organizations and companies save resources, create added value, and eventually earn more.


Sure! We have lots of projects, big and small, funny and serious, but always Interesting. This is what unites them despite their differences.

Salam Browser

A video that demonstrates what can you do with the Salam browser and slow internet connection.


Another Point

Goal: softly and unobtrusively make a story about an advertising agency.



A video about a student assistance service that connects lazy students with smart guys.

— more projects in our portfolio

how much ?

The production cost varies from 1,000 to 10,000 Rubles per second and depends on the video length, graphics complexity, and deadlines. The graphics complexity falls into three categories:

from 1 000 $

Minimalistic design with minimum of characters and simple animation. We do a simple saound design with stock music.

from 2 500 $

Stylish design with characters plus solid animation. Stock music plus good sound design.

from 5 000 $

Time-consuming graphics (2D, 3D, Craft), stylish motion design, and unique music with excellent sound design.

from 500 $

You fill in the Brief, and we’re looking for a creative idea of a future video, write a script, think over visual narration, and make a storyboard in a form of presentation.

how do we work ?

The video production process consists of five stages with the main of them being preproduction (script writing) and production (actual making of the video).

In general, we stick to a sequential and consistent scheme: we move stage by stage, conforming each of them. In case any comments appear on the previously agreed stages, we make the changes for additional charge. You can find the detailed algorithm here:

Still have any questions?

My name is Dima and I’m the project manager.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions or respond to any of your suggestions for the budget, deadlines, and operation algorithm. Be sure we’re interested in working with you. Just contact me and we’ll surely come to an agreement :)