Make children in your country happy

And not least to their Parents and Grandparents

Help translate from English (or Danish) into YOUR Language (pro bono).

Send a translated fairy tale in WORD including drawings ready 

for publishing to

If your Flag is not shown you are more than welcome to (pro bono)

send a translated fairy tale in WORD including illustrations ready 

for publishing to - your flag and Fairy Tale is added asap.

Comments on flaws are very welcome 

Translations MUST NOT be computer translations.


Francesca Fancini, Milan (IT)

Gudrun Ploetz, Bad Nauheim (GE) 

T. Fuetel, Essen (GE)

Celine Maeder, Paris (FR)

Karen Mikkelsen, Buenos Aires (ES)

Yochanan Dvir, Israel (IL)

Mehrdad Saeedi, Berlin (FARSI) 

Monir Almajid, Syria (AR)

Ni Duan, Hangzhou (CN)

S. Hasegawa, Tokyo (JP)

Yulia Tesakova-Guthridge, St. Petersburg (RU) - Suspended