The Longmeadow Players Teachers’ Fund is a trust fund established to help uphold the high quality of education that currently exists in our town. Available to all members employed by the Longmeadow Public School system, the fund grants awards to members to be used for professional education and enrichment.

Who is eligible?

All LEA members who have at least one calendar year of employment, and who, following the professional education, agree to return for at least another calendar year are eligible to receive a grant.

How is the fund governed?

  • The fund will accept any unrestricted gift and/ or donation that individuals or groups wish to make.
  • The interest from the fund will be used to make grants.
  • A grant will be given without attachment.
  • The trustees of the fund will be the Executive Board of the Longmeadow Education Association.
  • The screening and selection of candidates will be made by a committee of L.E.A. members as follows:

a. President of the L.E.A.

b. Vice President of the L.E.A.

c. Co-Treasurers of the L.E.A.

d. 3 selected members of the L.E.A.

LEA Scholarship descriptions
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