Meeting Minutes

Minutes 4/22/19


MONDAY January 14, 2019

Members Present: (14)

Rita Hawker, Jo Sleigh, Jessica Nash, Kathy Russotto, Anna Gelinas, Rob O’Connell, Julie Betancourt, Lynn Marinone, Tracy O’Gara, Karen Kadis, Catherine Grant, Kathy Lawson, Judy Ranahan, Karen Pallazzi

Meeting called to order at: 4:08

Secretaries Report: R Hawker

69 people attended the Holiday Social, highest number in a long time

Minutes accepted as written, all in favorTreasurer’s Report: K Lawson

W2’s were handed out, filled out taxes and check book has balanced

Vice President Report: R O’Connell

Please sign up to attend school committee meetings

United Way campaign is currently defunct, HR said we are not participating.

President’s Report: K Russotto

Paul Ryan spoke about the Fund Our Future signature campaign that is being run through the MTA. Longmeadow stands to receive an additional $1,000,000 in chapter 70 funding if this bill passes. The goal was to get at least 10,000 signatures to bring forward to the Senate and the House for their consideration. The push from Fund Our Future is to ensure that the formula is looked at, updated, and funds are made available to public school districts in the Commonwealth.

Kathy spoke about the fact that she has been very busy spearheading some legal initiatives. Please let people know that she is trying to get back to everyone that has emailed her. The first open meeting law violation received a response from the SC lawyer. However, the lawyer failed to interview all parties at the meeting. Kathy moved it on to the State Attorney General’s office for further investigation.

Kathy is also waiting to hear about the request for additional emails from a FOIA request. They have 10 days to release those. Thursday January 17, 2019 there are two articles on the town meeting agenda that will be discussed and voted on. The article relating to funding has been removed at this time.

Marty O’Shea is out as of June 30th. The SC is moving on the RFP process, looking for a vendor to do a superintendent search. Steven Crane will select a vendor. Beth Baron is the sole person responsible for appointing an interview committee. She has publicly stated that she will select between 8-12 people to serve in the process of hiring a new Superintendent

Update on negotiations (Nurses, Para’s and Secretaries, custodians, Unit E and Unit B) has been a mostly congenial atmosphere and hopes to be completed soon. As a side note, the Union does not negotiate sub pay for teachers or Para’s.

Membership Report: A Gelinas

No new members at this point. Pointed out that there is another new custodian. New employees need to be approached and asked to join the Union. Please let Anna know if there are any new employees in your building. New employees at the beginning of the year are contacted, it’s the employees hired during the year are the ones that are falling through the cracks.

20-25 people currently are not members and there really isn’t anything we can do about it at this point. Two notices have been sent but that is all she can do.

Political Action Report:

Grievance Report: J Nash

None to report at this time

Professional Growth Report:

Old Business:

New Business:

Center School teachers are being required to have a website and keep it up to date. It has been including in some teachers evaluation under communication and the need to keep it up to date. Other schools are not required so why at Center school. Blueberry has to have newsletters each month, done by grade level. Wolfswamp has websites but they don’t seem to be up to date.

SIS when you are at the top of the pay scale. Discussed $150 last year of employment. Discussion about the longevity benefit, $3,000 for 3 years. Letter must be in by January 1st prior to the year that you wish to receive the benefit.

Teacher comments on report cards, in the past has been a mandate by the school principal. Sue Bertrand has send an email saying to not add comments.

Motion to adjourn at: 5:12

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