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It never hurts to get a second opinion when buying a home. You can't always trust everything the seller and realtor are telling you. After all, both of them want to sell the home at the highest value possible. Why would they want to tell you of all the problems the home has? Home inspection reports from an expert Long Island home inspection look pretty good about now, and can definitely help provide you with a better picture on the true condition of the home.

. If for nothing else, you want to know exactly what it is you're buying and if it's worth closing on the sale. Now you have another question: how good is the home inspector you're looking to hire? Is the peace of mind provided worth the cost of home inspection? The answer to the second question is yes, it is always worth the cost to have your home inspected. But, it is only worth it if the residential inspector is honest and reliable.

Listed are five items that a typical home inspector can overlook:

1. Kitchen Sink - an inspector may just quickly look at the kitchen sink to determine if the water has correct color, it's flowing correctly, and if there are any obvious leaks. The temperature the water can reach (Hot and cold) and the presence of slow leaks are other areas of concern that can be overlooked.

2. Electrical Outlets - the functionality and safety of every electrical outlet should be inspected, but it's possible for a few to be missed.

3. Basement Water - if the basement has been remodeled recently, obvious signs of water damage and leaks could be hidden from the inspector. A careful inspector should still be able to find something, but if one is being rushed it can be missed.

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4. Attic - mold and insects are the primary concern of an attic inspection. This should only be one aspect of it, however. The stability and load-bearing capability of the attic floor is an equally important area of concern that is sometimes overlooked. Remember that you'll likely be sleeping under some part of your attic, so it's important to know it can handle whatever it is you're storing up there!

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5. Roof - ideally, you want the inspector to get up on the roof and perform a close-up examination. It's possible the inspector will try to pass off a roof inspection from the ground level using binoculars. While this can work in certain cases, the risk of overlooking something is much higher than a physical inspection.

Remember that the average home inspection takes between two to four hours, depending on the size of the home. If the inspector is taking a lot less time to complete his inspection, he may be rushing through it. Rushing results in mistakes.

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Look to a home inspection service that promises to provide its Long Island home inspection with the time they need to do a superb job inspecting your home.