Weekly Runs

  • Tuesdays, 6:30 pm, 3-6 miles

Meet on the bluff at Redondo and Ocean.

  • Thursdays, 6:30pm, 3-6 miles, Alternating -

1st - Signal Hill, meet at Home Depot

2nd - Speed Training at Chittick Track

3rd - Naples, meet at 490 Bay Shore Ave.

4th - CSULB, meet at Carpenter Center.

5th - Speed Training at Chittick Track

Check Facebook for changes.

  • Saturday, 7 am, Long Distance training
  • Saturday, 9 am, 3-5 miles, walkers and runners. Breakfast 10:30 am

CSULB Carpenter Ctr. - 6200 E Atherton (4th Thursday)

Chittick Field - 1900 Walnut Ave. (2nd / 5th Thursdays)

Beach Run, Redondo Ave. and Ocean Blvd. (Tuesdays)

Signal Hill Home Depot - 2450 Cherry Ave. (1st Thursdays)

Naples Island - 490 Bay Shore Ave. (3rd Thursday)

10 Miles Beach Path to Queen Mary (Saturdays 7am)

Local favorite races:

January Pasadena Half 5K, half

February Surf City Full, half

February Firecracker 5K, 10K

February Race On the Base 5,10K

March LA marathon Full

March Catalina Marathon Full,10K,5K

April Seal Beach run 5K, 10K

May OC Marathon Full/Half

May LB Pride Run 5,10K

June Wrigley River Run 5,10K

June LA Pride Run 5K, 10K

July SD Pride Run 5

Labor day Conquer the Bridge 8.5K

October LB Marathon Full/Half

November PS Pride Run 5K

Thanksgiving day LB Turkey Trot 5,10K

December Santa Speedo Run 3K

December Holiday Half 5K, half

Looking for another race?

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Let's go running !

Looking for training partners? running buddies? carpooling to a race?

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