Coach Harlen's

Brag Race

Some people like to run far, some people likes to run fast, some run to stay in shape, some run for the medals, but everybody gets their bragging rights.

Participate in the Long Beach Frontrunners Brag Race and win prizes, fame and world recognition.

There are Five categories:

  • 5k, you stay - Races up to 10 miles. Points are given for speed, place and race-pooling.
  • Sashay away - Races 10 miles or more. Points are given for distance, place and race-pooling.
  • Walking on Sunshine - Fast paced but always touching the ground? This one is for you!
  • Crowd favorites - Loudest shoes? Most bananas eaten? Least shirts worn? Name a category and nominate a friend (Don't be mean!)
  • So-SO - Your husband/BF/"Roommate" got up early in the morning to drive to a race? Nominate them for a prize!
Brag Race Crowd (Responses)