The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest


First Prize is $250!

The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest is a Dungeons & Dragons “one-page adventure” design contest, with the entries to be published on the DMs Guild. My goals for this contest are:

  • To encourage people to create Dungeons & Dragons adventure content
  • To explore ways in which adventure content can be presented concisely
  • To provide an interesting collection of short adventures to complement the latest Wizards of the Coast hardcover release

Submissions close on July 31st! See the submission guidelines below.

M.T. Black

Entries Received

Families' Heirloom by Ben Reece

Under Cover Of Darkness by Chronicles of the Coast

forbidden Cove by Fenix Fontyn

Deadwater Hideout by Josiah Erekson

Essence of Tharizdun by Johan Hedin

Ice in the Veins by Clayton Notestine

A Mariner's Island by Robert Sherman

A Silver Dark by D Taylor

The Sham Crew by Matthew Whitby

The Wandering Isle by Audrin & Nate Thorn

A Heart of Stone by Kerry Jordan

The Heart of the Serpent by James Page

Saltmarsh Night Terrors by Johnny Houstiano

The Song of Saltmarsh by Sean McGurr

The Ruinous Islands by Tim Bannock

Massacre in the Mist by Sam Mannell

The Eye of the Storm by Justice Arman

The Dreams of Prince Papo by Anthony Joyce

Plight of the Navigator by Richard Malena-Webber

Dumplings & Dragons by Matthew Bannock

The Sidewinders by Justin Cole

The Singing Caves by Ben Sandfelder

Evil Clutches by Jeremy Esch

The Smell of the Sea by Tom Cantwell

Shapeshifter's Prison by David Percival