Transform your most costly meeting in 4 weeks with LoMo

If you want to reduce the drag of poor or unnecessary meetings but don't know where to start, take one 'high stake' meeting and work with us to transform it using LoMo mindset, techniques and templates.

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In 30-minutes we can help you unpick your 'most costly' meeting and give you options for transforming it for you.

For many companies, meetings are a big time-drain. They take too much time, achieve too little and bring energy down. Let's change that - one 'high stake' meeting at a time. LoMo is a set of techniques to encourage self-responsibility, speed, clarity and powerful decisions in meetings.

Start by reinventing ONE meeting. The one that bugs you the most.

These are just some of the most expensive, inefficient and high stake meetings we're often asked to turn around (and you can measure the cost of yours here):

  • Team meetings - we turn marathon monthly team sessions that are time-consuming to prepare for into engaging, productive experiences
  • Board meetings - typically dysfunctional, we reinvent the crucial monthly board meeting into a powerful catalyst for action and leadership
  • Project status update meetings - no more scrolling through Excel and 'reviewing' RAG scores with nothing truly useful understood or accomplished. We'll use interactive and self-organising techniques to truly understand what each project needs, give/get expert advice from each other to unblock progress and celebrate/learn from successes
  • Meetings to 'review' or 'discuss' something (what does that even mean?) - we can help you get crystal clear on what these meetings are REALLY for and how to get the right people sharing information, generating options and making good decisions, leaving everyone confident and clear on what happens next

How we do it

1. Discovery - through observation of the meeting you want to change and 1:1 conversations with the people who normally go, we'll get clear about what that meeting is really for and how people experience it right now

2. Co-create a completely new experience, using simple, fresh techniques that are easy for anyone to engage with

3. Deliver this new meeting experience for you the first time...

4. ..then give you the full facilitator guide so you and anyone else responsible for that type of meeting can run it independently. Plus we'll coach you through it beforehand and evaluate/improve it with you afterwards.

What you can expect

  • Sometimes we keep the same people and timing and transform the experience.
  • Sometimes we completely change who, when and how.
  • Sometimes we can eliminate the meeting and design a way to get a better outcome, faster using a completely different medium.

The outcome is always a reinvigorated group session that helps everyone access a new self-responsible, more open and outcome focused mindset.

Our techniques are rooted in hard social science, the new 'human business' philosophy and outstanding facilitation

  • Agile and Lean Start Up
  • Teal organisations from Laloux's "Reinventing Organisations"
  • Simon Sinek's "Circle of Safety"
  • Holacracy
  • Open Space Technology and Unconference
  • Clean Communication, Radical Honesty and Servant Leadership
  • Managing Your Chimp, Steve Peters style

Book a call to talk about a costly meeting

In 30-minutes we can help you unpick your 'most costly' meeting and give you options for transforming it for you.