LoMo mindset

LoMo seeks to:

Reduce wasted time spent on meetings

Less prep, shorter meetings, no circular discussions, less writing up, less time spent away from 'deep work'

Create better outcomes

Clearer objectives, smaller chunks of work that can be completed faster, speedier decision making, better prioritising, risks made visible earlier

Add energy and momentum, not take it away

More honesty, more clarity, more 'real', less frustrating discussions at cross purposes leading to more self responsibility and trust outside the meeting

LoMo believes in:

  1. Invitation over mandating attendance
  2. Transparency over presenting the 'best side'
  3. Self-organising over command and control
  4. Self-responsibility over rescuing or blaming others
  5. High trust over high control
  6. The ‘human-sensing-machine’ over just the raw facts.