Re-imagine meetings: fast, self-organising, committed

The LoMo ecosystem of meetings makes it safe and obvious how to access a fast, agile new culture.

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  • techniques to help groups of people to plan, connect, discuss and decide things faster
  • ... and to get more done outside the meeting
  • the ecosystem and mindset to allow people to self organise and take more action themselves
  • a toolkit to run and deliver these meetings

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  • Meeting to 'discuss' (what does that even mean?!)
  • Power given to the highest paid person
  • No clear process - waffling, tangents, circling around unspoken agendas
  • Over preparation of meeting inputs (e.g. slides) / over processing of outputs (typing up minutes).
  • Hard to be truly honest - so lose the power of the truth.


  • Total clarity about outcome of meeting
  • Power given to the data, including each person's unique insight
  • Easy, logical techniques that makes information sharing and decision making up to 5 times faster.
  • Low preparation and no post-write up (LoMo canvases create ready made output).
  • Each person's true insight is skillfully sought - risk is exposed sooner.

LoMo techniques transform any meeting. Or use the complete canvases to drive a new more productive network of meetings

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