Board Governance Statement:

The Board of Directors will follow a policy board governance model and is responsible for developing a mission and vision, policies, procedures, values, and long-term planning to meet the needs of the community. The Board will hire administrative managers to implement policies and oversee the operations of the organization and its programs.

Mission Statement

Providing health and social services to enhance quality of life.

Vision Statement

We are committed to identify, establish, and maintain a multifaceted organization to service health and social issues for all ages in our community within the resources available.



The integrity of our agency comes from each individual volunteer, staff, committee and board member.


To make sure that we set goals, track. goals and strive to achieve those goals.


To administrate human and financial resources in an efficient manner.


To be responsible for the programs and services that we offer to our Community.


To be accountable to the community and our funders.


To respect our clients, volunteers, staff, administration, committee members and Board members.