Logitech G910 Onion Spark Detailed Review | Features | Software

Logitech G910 mechanical keyboard is currently the top model from the manufacturer. This gaming keyboard has been made especially for high-performance gamers who don’t want to compromise with speed. The G910 provides a solid mechanical gaming experience with a solid set of features.

It has been equipped with RGB technology, dedicated media controls, custom G-keys for more efficient gaming. We have explained all these amazing features in detail below.

Every day we see new inventions in the field of technology and gaming. All the top brands want to keep their product trending in the market. To keep in the trend, they always want to adopt new technology to their gadgets at a reasonable price.

Just like other brands, Logitech is very popular for its computer accessories like mouse, keyboards, headphones, etc,. Since 1981, Logitech is bringing innovations to the world of gaming and information technology.

FYI, Logitech G910 comes in two variants i.e. spark and spectrum. In this article, we will be reviewing the Logitech G910 Onion Spark variant.

Logitech G910 review

This mechanical keyboard is famous for two things that are performance and design. The design of the keyboard is very similar to the spectrum variant. The mainframe of this keyboard is made of thin plastic that makes lightweight.

Based on performance, Logitech G910 is fab. The manufacturer claims this keyboard is the world’s fastest because of the Romer-G Mechanical Switches that increases the actuation rate by up to 25%.

Wrist rest is perfect for giving you proper comfort while using this keyboard for a long time.

Logitech G910 Onion Spectrum

Logitech G910 Onion Spectrum variant is little different from Logitech G910 Onion Spark variant. In looks, Onion Spectrum has large palm rest for more comfort while playing games. The Onion Spectrum variant is powered with Lightsync RGB technology. LightSync technology delivers more advanced lighting customizations.

All other features are similar with the onion spark variant. All we can say that both variants are fast and delivers best gaming experience. There is also price difference between both of the variants.


#1. Romer-G Mechanical Switches

Logitech G910 Onion Spark is the first-ever gaming keyboard that uses Romer-G Mechanical Switches instead of normal switches. Romer-G Mechanical Switches makes this model World’s fastest keyboard. Romer-G Mechanical Switches are built with Omron's exclusive switching system. The switches are rated for 20 million key presses, and require minimal maintenance.

These switches provide a 25% faster actuation than normal gaming keyboards.

As per buyer’s reviews, everyone has said these keys are smooth, responsive, and provide more performance to their gaming. When you start Logitech G910, you will observe that it makes very little noise when you press the buttons.

There is a total of 113 keys on this keyboard. Logitech claims that all the buttons on this keyboard can be pressed for more than 70 million times. Anti Ghosting with 100% Key rollover The G910 Anti-ghosting keys feature anti-ghosting that will prevent the keyboard from incorrectly detecting key presses.

Just in case, if you like to replace the keys, you can buy the original key set of Logitech G910 replacement keys from here. Logitech G910 Onion Spectrum has also been equipped with Romer-G tactile switches that deliver quiet and powerful performance. Currently, Romer-G switches are more durable than any other switches in the market.

#2. RGB Lighting

The G910 features an advanced backlight that enables the keyboard to be more functional in dimly lit places. RGB lighting will enable you to customize different colors to each key on the Logitech G910. This gaming keyboard is preloaded with 300 game profiles for more assistance. You can also choose from 16 million colors and set as per your choice.

All we can say is that RGB technology will provide amazing backlighting to your keyboard. The individual key’s color can be customized from the Logitech gaming software. Intelligent illumination technology synchronizes the lighting as per the in-game action.

The RGB lighting on this keyboard can be accessed by pressing FN + 1-9 simultaneously. In the Logitech G910 Onion Spectrum variant, the RGB lighting is powered with LightSync technology. The LightSync technology enables you to create custom animations and custom gaming profiles into lighting.


#3. ARX Control

ARX control enables you to control your mechanical keyboard and its data from an android or IOS device. This feature will also help you to monitor the CPU performance and other statistics right in front of your phone screen.

All you need to do is install the Logitech gaming software in your android or IOS device and connect the gaming device with your phone. You can get more detail about ARX control in this video. Both Logitech G910 Onion Spark and Onion Spectrum can be monitored with ARX control app.

#4. Dedicated Media Controls

On the top right section of Logitech G910, there are dedicated media controls for play, pause, stop, next, previous and volume commands. Right next to the buttons, the roller will help you to easily adjust the volume.

These controls will help you to easily set media while gaming and provides direct shortcuts for accessing media controls. These controls are also equipped with Logitech G910 onion spectrum variant for more efficiency in gaming

#5. Custom Programmable Buttons

Logitech has provided 9 custom gaming buttons in the G910 gaming keyboard. You can use these buttons to set extra gaming commands that are required while playing.

You can assign three different profiles to these buttons which means these buttons can handle up to 27 gaming commands.

The Fn keys can be remapped to any other key on your keyboard. These buttons can be customized with Logitech G910 gaming software.

The buttons are:

Fn1 - Fire button (default)

Fn2 - Game Volume Up/Down Button (Default)

Fn3 - Home Button (Default)

Fn4 - Pause Button (Default)

Fn5 - Mute / Unmute Buttons (Default)

Fn6 - Screenshot Key (Default) Fn7 - Next Weapon Power Up Key

Fn8 - Previous Weapon Power Down

Fn9 - Ability Power Up The G910 comes with a detachable cable which

#6. Long Cable

The length of cable with this onion spark keyboard is 1.8m (5.9ft) that is perfect for most of the users. We are sure, that you don’t need to attach any sperate USB hub for this gaming keyboard. The G910 comes with a detachable cable which can be plugged into a USB port, in this way you can keep it clean while using an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV.

An HDMI to USB converter can be attached to unused USB port. The G910 features an advanced USB port, which is able to charge your connected devices. The USB port supports 5V/2.4A output, providing the fastest charging speeds for most of your devices.

#7. UV Protective Coating

All the keys on this gaming keyboard are coated with UV protection. The G910 features an advanced UV coating that defends the coating from wear and tear. UV coating also prevents smudges while offering a unique look. In other words,

#8. Other extra features

If we talk about extra features, there is an ARX dock that works as a stand for your android or IOS device. You will appreciate this feature if you like to see your PC’s performance and other statistics while playing your favorite game. The G910 features an advanced fan that is able to split air to the key, allowing for more even breathing.

Logitech G910 Software


Logitech Gaming Software is required to fully utilize the features of this keyboard. If you are using the mechanical keyboard from Logitech for the first time, you will need to download the official gaming software from Logitech. Every model of Logitech has different software. You can download the software from the official link here.

The software is called “Logitech G Hub”. The memory size of this software is only 35.7MB and the latest version is 2020.8.5950. Just make sure you update this software instantly after the updates come. The software can be used for macro recording, manage the RGB lighting and it also comes with several preset macro keys.

Tech Specs for Logitech G910 Orion Spark

  • Dimensions: 505 x 243.5 x 35.5 mm

  • Weight: 1500 g

  • Connection: USB

  • Illumination: Yes (RGB)

  • Cable Length: 180 cm

  • Key Rollover: unknown

  • Numpad: Yes

  • Macro Keys: 9 keys

  • Media Keys: Dedicated media controls

  • USB Passthrough: No USB Passthrough

  • Switches: Romer-G Tactile

  • Extras: with display/docking, with palm rest


In conclusion, the G910 Orion is a durable mechanical keyboard with advanced features that is able to last a long time.

It has an attractive price point and sleek design that is sure to turn some heads. The G910 is the most advanced gaming keyboard on the market. It has been built with the professional gamer in mind, however it is not only limited to gamers. With G910 Onion Spark, Logitech has made a revolution in the field of gaming. This gaming keyboard has all the features required by heavy gamers.

But some users might feel that why this keyboard is not wireless. If it would be wireless, then this keyboard has gained more perfection.

With a cheap price tag, Logitech is having a great competition with other big brands but still, they are ruling over the market.