Warehouse Management Software

5 Ways Technology Brings More Value to Warehouse Management

Enhancing the output of a warehouse seems impossible without the inclusion of new-age technologies. Let’s take a look some of the tools available to warehouse managers who strive to add more depth to warehouse management systems.

1. Collaboration

Email communication is certainly a great communication medium, however, when it comes to time-bound communication; direct contact is found to be more efficient. It is better to make the use of one or more of the wireless technologies available to increase your productivity. A key in choosing technologies is that they must assimilate and work together. Whether you decide to convey the message through radio, laptop or smartphone, invest in warehouse management software that all departments can utilize consistently. This results into real-time efficiency and enhanced productivity.

2. Receiving

The more frequently an item is handled and the more people involved in the movement, the more time and money gets wasted. Materials must be procured and stored with complete accuracy. Your folder for inventory must be refreshed as merchandise is received.

What if you have warehouse management software that only a single person can handle and process all the important tasks related to product movement? For example, choose a RFID system that takes out the complexity out of receiving tasks. This system will also allow the data from incoming shipments to be sent directly to the purchasing and AP departments to update the information for timely payments of invoices.

3. Loading and Shipping

When it comes to loading and shipping, the item that comes first doesn’t generally get out first. Trucks must be loaded in the reverse order. The last items put in the truck will be the first items dropped. In that case, GPS systems can help you enhance your loading, routing and deliveries. This final step will help you guarantee customer satisfaction. You will know where shipments are if customers have questions.

4. Billing

Similarly, using bill of lading software would help you reduce paper work and ensure faster processing of formalities.