AOL Mail - How to Create or Login to a AOL Mail Account

AOL Mail

The Aol Mail is an American mail service provider that is New York-based. It is also known as the AIM Mail, which is developed in America Online history. Here, we get a free web-based email with a set of various features responsible for an excellent user experience. Moreover, Aol Mail does not require you to keep a special software. It is totally free for everyone. Furthermore, it offers the perfect storage space.

The use of Aol Mail is not limited to office purposes only. Individuals can also enjoy their services for private communication. In short, this mail service is meant for both professional and casual use. Hence, you can freely create an account on it, to begin with, the services.

Continue reading of this piece will enable you to know more about Aol Mail with its privileges and the steps to create the account. Moreover, we will drop light on some of its features.

What are the Aol Mail Privileges?

The users of Aol Mail service get many privileges’ which we have discussed below:

  • The users get 24*7 live technical assistance. Hence, whenever they face any issue, they can contact the team for a solution.

  • One can access the Aol Mail account using the AOL app at any time. Also, the best part is that the app supports tablets or mobiles.

  • As a result, you don't need to look for a system every time to log in to the account.

  • You can operate multiple usernames under one Aol Mail account at the same time.

  • Aol Mail blocks all spam messages itself.

Know About the Aol Mail Features

Generally, Aol Mail offers several advanced features, including panels that you can find on the screen's right side. These panels contain quick links to notify you about the services that AOL offers with its features. Here is the discussion below:

AIM Panel

When you access your Aol Mail account, you will find the AIM Panel on the screen's right side. This panel includes all basic features, such as chat sessions, buddy lists, etc. Moreover, you can send IMs using it.

To Do Panel

Here, you can add due dates and tasks. Also, you will find this link on all the emails. As a result, you get help whenever you need to follow up with any email received. For this, you just need to click on the link. Doing this marks an entry to your To Do Panel.

Events Panel

Usually, you can see the upcoming calendar events on it. It works similarly to the To Do List. When you click on the link, it makes a calendar entry to notify you of any event.

Aol Mail Sign Up Procedure

  • First, you will need to open a preferred web browser. Then, type '’

  • After that, a page will appear displaying 'login/join' on the above corner's right side.

  • Here, click to join to proceed with the Aol Mail sign up process.

  • Next, you have to tap the option 'create account.' You will find it below the 'next' button.

  • Now, a signup window of Aol Mail account will appear.

  • You need to specify the details on that window. The details will include your name, phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, etc.

  • After you fill in the details, your contact number will be recorded.

  • Once you input your contact number, you will receive an OTP for verification purposes.

  • Hence, input the same to create the Aol Mail account successfully.

  • Finally, a web page will appear, indicating you have successfully created the Aol Mail account.

Access Your Aol Mail Account Following These Steps:

Logging into your Aol Mail account is a quick and easy process. Follow the below-mentioned steps for this:

  • Visit the AOL home page.

  • Then, click on the link 'login/join.'

  • Now, enter your AOL user name and hit the next button.

  • Further, input the password in the given field and hit the 'sign in' link.

So, by implementing these steps, you can easily log in to your Aol Mail account.


We have rounded the details about Aol Mail account, including the steps to create and log in to the account. Also, the information regarding its benefits and features will help you understand it better.