We are going to show you how to sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account on your Smart TV.

1.Okay, so first thing when you go and open up your Amazon Prime video you want to go out and sign in. I'll go ahead and go to the signing up there.

2.I'll press on enter and then you will get this code right here and you can see it basically, it basically says sign into your Samsung tv device with your Amazon account to watch video on purchases on your computer, go to this amazon.com/mytv, you can go to your computer or an easier ways actually just go directly, and use your phone.

3.So go ahead and go to your computer or simply go to your phone and open up a browser and what we need to do is go to www.amazon.com/mytv.

4.We are going to use my phone but again like I said you can use your computer or any other device, just open up a browser and then We are gonna go ahead and tap on the top here We are going to go www.amazon.com/mytv, so you can see it. amazon.com/mytv.

5.Now We are going to go ahead and press on, go right there. Make sure that you are signed in to your Amazon account, and We are already signed in and you can see right here, registration code, this is where I put this registration code.

6.The one on the TV right here is going to go simply go into here okay so then we're going to go ahead and go. Alright, so it's not case sensitive so F9CHP.

Now We are going to go ahead and press on register vise Now, watch this, registered device.Oh, something popped on my TV here, take a look here, success, your device is registered. We are going to go and grab my remote here too and select on the enter button or ok button here to continue. that's it. now signed in.