What Our Patients Say About Us

"I have been going to a 'skin cancer clinic' for years. I kept telling them I was worried about the changing mole on my arm but they kept telling me it was OK. You took one look at it and told me it was a skin cancer and needed to be removed."

"I came here beacuse my friend at school had bad acne and saw you. Now she has perfect skin."

"The parking is really easy at the Loftus Rec Center"

"My daughter comes here and said it was a great practice"

"My GP refuses to send me anywhere else!"

"I came here because a friend at work recommended you"

"I work at a medical practice but it's not a nice one like yours is!"

"He's a nice, nice man" (Dr Masel)

"He's a nice bloke" (Dr Moloney)

"She is so good with children. My daughter wants be be a dermatologist now when she grows up!" (Dr Ricciardo)

"You have the best waiting room magazines i have ever seen!"

"Your nurses are so lovely"

"My husband is home looking after the grandkids- do you mind if i go back into the waiting room? There are some magazines i want to read, and he's not expecting me home for an hour!"

"Everyone here seems really happy- like a big family. Not like where I work".

"All your staff really seem to enjoy their jobs."

"I have had a lot of skin problems and I have been to a lot of dermatologists in Perth. This place is the best."

"I come for phototherapy 3/wk. If I stopped coming i'd miss the ladies at the front desk"