Terms and conditions

By making reservation in Lodge32 hostel on any site, including third-party retailers, you agree to and accept hostel's terms and conditions.


Free cancellation 48 hours before arrival date.

If you cancel past deadline or do not show up for your stay (No Show) you will be due the cancellation fee in amount of the first night.

EG: if you arrival date is 04 February, then latest time for free cancellation is 01 February at 23:59:59). If you wish to cancel some part of your stay - same cancellation terms apply: free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to date you wish to cancel.

Starting from 15/12/2018 all bookings which are made from that day and further on will have standard cancellation policy however for no show we will charge 100%, so no show will not be refundable.


Check in: anytime after 15.00. If you arrive past 18.00 you can check in on your Facebook page - just use check in option and stat Lodge32 hostel as location.

Check out: anytime before 11.00. We have an express checkout: just pack and go. Do not forget to drop used linen in the basket & check that your balance due is paid.


Linen is compulsory. Bring your own linen set or rent ours at the rate of 60 SEK per person if you pay on arrival or 40 SEK per person if you pay online. If you have your own linen, but want to rent towels separately you may do so at the rate of 20 SEK per unit.

Kindly note that sleeping bags are not allowed due to sanitary regulations.


In each room we have personal security lockers for each bed in case you want to lock valuables within your stay. Lockers are lockable with padlocks: you can either bring your own padlock or buy one from us for 60 SEK. Whether you wish to drop your belongings off before check in or after checkout you may do so for free in the luggage room. Luggage room also have lockers, please note that these lockers are available only for keeping belongings before check in on arrival date and after check out on departure date before 18.00. Please note that we do not bear responsibility for your personal belongings, do not leave your valuables unattended.


For direct bookings on www.lodge32.se : at the moment of booking you are paying a 12% deposit, rest is due on arrival date. You may choose to prepay your stay even before arrival and get a discount on bed linen set. Remainder due is to be paid on arrival date within reception hours, if you arrive past reception hours Lodge32 hostelreserves the right to charge your card for total amount including bed linen. Please let us know ahead if you are bringing your own linen with you and do not wish to rent our linen. If payment is successful you will receive a receipt from us, otherwise we would contact you regarding your payment due.

Remainder due can be paid in cash, card or Swish transfer (to 123 609 43 87). Remainder due can be paid in cash, card or Swish transfer (to 123 609 43 87). We accepts only cards from Mastercard, Visa, AmericanExpress or DinersClub, unfortunately we do not accept other cards, e.g.: Maestro.

Please note that other booking sources have various payment policies.

For walk-in bookings credit card is required for regular rates, for cash handling extra charged may apply. We require credit card to stay with us, if you do not have credit card, your booking may be denied.


Children above 10 years are welcome. Please note that we are not suitable for any children below 10 years old.

Kindly note that our hostel is youth-oriented and guests above 50 years old may be denied in booking with a refund

Children below 18 years old may stay in hostel in presence of their parents or legal guardians. If such cannot be present - we require a child to have a written permit to stay in our hostel with signature and ID copy of its parent or legal guardian in physical or electronic form (email, message).


Early check in (before 15.00) may be purchased for 20 SEK per person per stay, available from 9.00, however availability will be a subject upon arrival as to checkout of previous tenants.

No loud noise between 23.00-07.00 - please respect other guest's right to rest

Smoking, fish, alcohol & drugs: consumption and storage is strictly forbidden

Guests must be respectful towards each other and hostel staff

Hostel is not suitable for wheel chair users due to technical building layout

Cooking plate available within reception hours due to fire safety

No extra guests or visitors above paid guests

Maximum stay is 14 days

Hostel is a short-term accommodation and is not suitable for permanent residence

Hostel reserves the right to cancel booking and/or charge a fee in case guest breaks any of the rules above

We do not provide night cleaning - please be aware that you must clean after yourself (dishes, spilled drink, dropped paper). Kindly note that we reserve the right to charge a variable fee if you refuse to clean after yourself or did not clean after yourself. Be kind to respect the right of others to enjoy tidy space.