google local services ads

Adding New Opportunities to a Digital Strategy

Much like a strategic plan for the business, a digital marketing strategy must be tracked, adjusted, and flexible to be successful. It needs to grow as the business does and respond to changing trends. The best way to navigate the digital strategy is to have one platform, such as Podium, that can manage messaging, provide accurate reporting, and be adjustable so businesses can take advantage of new opportunities.

Local Businesses

Local business owners rely on attracting new customers while keeping loyal ones coming back. Service providers have a new opportunity to compliment their digital strategies. Local Services Ads by Google (LSAs), introduced to only seventeen markets last year, is expanding to over thirty US markets. The format of these google local services ads is a pay-per-lead cost instead of a pay-per-click cost which will save owners money.

Prominently Displayed

Local customers will see these local services ads at the top of the results page while searching for services in the area. A customer who needs windows repaired, for example, will do a search for companies that offer window repairs. In addition to the top ranked businesses on that first page, local service ads will be shown across the top. Most customers will simply select one of those rather than reading the first few companies and deciding on which websites to check out.


Service providers interested in LSAs must have valid business insurance, be licensed in the state, and provide services that are included in over thirty categories. Categories include movers, pest control professionals, handyman companies, garage door businesses, and appliance repair businesses. These are a bit stricter than PPC requirements due to the cost structure and format. Business owner can apply to participate in LSAs and have licenses and insurances verified by Google before beginning.

Another Advantage

Some businesses will earn the distinction of being Google Guaranteed and have preference in LSA displays. Background checks are completed on all employees of the business and if no concerns or issues stand out, the service provider will be guaranteed. The listing will have a badge displayed in a red box with a green check that specifies Google Guaranteed.

The badge is impressive and lets customers know the business is reliable and provides excellent services. The guarantee part indicates that Google will cover refund requests for work booked through the LSAs. There is a limit of two-thousand dollars, which is quite generous. The business receives more exposure and attracts more customers who can arrange for services with confidence.