Local Media Solutions

Marketing Consulting services.

Greetings! I bring a wealth of information on advertising and marketing strategies based on my 40+ years of experience working with Main St. Retailers to national Big Box stores.

I am exceptionally proficient in utilizing Google Analytics, Google Search Console and "Screaming Frog" SEO tools to analyze your website (as well as competitor websites with the goal of fully optimizing your marketing and competitive strengths.

As the newspaper business and traditional media landscape transitioned into the new digital world, I took the opportunity to learn and implement these news skills into a strong background of Google Analytic analysis and digital marketing consulting.

Our approach:

Every client I work with is unique and special. My process begins with accessing and reading the clients Google Analytic metrics and then utilizing tools like Google Search Console and SEO tools to identify ways of improving website content and engagement which then leads to higher SEO organic traffic.

Why hire me?

You will find that I truly enjoy these part time consulting projects and that I give each client comprehensive insights into their marketing efforts in a timely and efficient manner. Each project is a new challenge which keeps life interesting!