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Affordable, low cost SEO & Google Adwords help in Plymouth, Devon

Call David on 07538 199694

Please note there is a £40 advance charge for a one hour meeting.

This saves me time wasting time on people out to pick my brains. Thanks for understanding.

Why should you choose me for your WordPress and SEO work…….?

  • I’m a well known SEO expert and it can take me an hour or two to fix or help you with SEO = £40 in advance
  • Testimonials on Linked In = CLICK ON THIS
  • You probably don’t need to be locked into a monthly SEO contract so why pay? If you need monthly service for, say, Google Adwords or WordPress blogging we can come up with a fair and attractive fee.
  • With Wordpress I can get you on the road to success in a few hours. About David
  • Many times I can do small, quick jobs for just £40. That’s an hour of expertise
  • If you’re nice I can answer a few simple questions you may email or message me – free after the first £40
  • I get straight to your website and review it with no fuss before I ask for the £40
  • If I can’t help you then there is no charge. Sounding good??
  • You? Well it’s easy really just call or email me and I get on with it. I always bill upfront with Paypal.
  • I'm a nice guy and like working with nice people. Think if you are a bit unkind please look elsewhere. Thanks

I can help you with, well SEO – search engine optimisation, Google My Business, Google Adwords (I have a Google My Client Centre, Google Search Console, Photography (I am a Google Master Photographer), Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, eBay Motors, WordPress, Wix, Google Blogger , Shopify, Etsy, Etsy Pattern and Squarespace plus so much more. A lot of knowledge for a low fee.

  • My fee is usually around £300 for a WordPress website SEO and all related (honest) ranking techniques. I stay with you for a month for that £300. Reasonable amounts of questions are just fine.
  • I highly recommend G Suite over Microsoft Office. Try it free If you need help ask me 07538 199694
  • If you have had enough of shoddy Domain Name hosts use Google Domains… They are a snap and I will help you! Need help? Ask me 07538 199694 or leave a message on 01752 773549

I am also a top level Google Local Guide with hundreds of honest to goodness reviews, still photographs and panoramas published on Google search

Once again call me with any questions!

David 07538 199694

SEO Steps + Plymouth

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