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In Shadows of Silver

It's been a long winter for Clayson Brightstorm. After months of searching for a solution to his curse, he still cannot sleep restfully in the Loamin world. Nor can he rid himself of a single reoccurring dream—a snapshot from his grandfather’s memories fixated on a dark and haunting mineshaft.

Meanwhile, Rugnus and Andalynn are preoccupied, working feverishly, night and day, to prepare for the StoneYoke Festival. For the first time in centuries, the citizens of Whurrimduum and Tungsten City will gather for an unprecedented celebration of unity.

Despite his restlessness, Clayson agrees to attend the celebration. But as Andalynn begins the opening ceremony, terror strikes the central amphitheater. Unable to budge or access bluelink, millions of Loamin watch horrified as the very preparations for the festival turn against them.

When the dust settles, suspicion falls on Clayson. The council enlists a beautiful and clever paladin to investigate the origin of the attack. Despite the risk, Clayson finds himself drawn to the paladin’s intelligence and mystery. He’ll need to keep his friends and family close—as well as a good shield—for mortal danger is only a dungeon away.