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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, L.N. Mayer recently put her career in project management on hold to pursue the publication of her first book for young readers, TELL, OR THE ADVENTURES IN THEMIDDLE. When she isn’t spending her mornings writing or editing, she enjoys reading and listening to The New York Times Book Review podcast.

Mayer graduated from the University of Kansas, Phi Beta Kappa, with a degree in Economics and a minor in French. She has a master’s degree in Mathematical Models in Economics and Finance from the Sorbonne, and Supply Chain Management from Université Paris-Dauphine.



Having been expelled from Theffects School for Troubled Boys, TELL (William Teller Fontaine), the son of a skiving small-town mayor (FONTAINE) returns home to find an empty house and a farewell letter from his father. Knowing his father to play an arcane prank every now and then, he thinks nothing of it—until the neighbors and representatives from a local orphanage show up.

When Tell flees to a nearby wheat field and is greeted by a babbling, self-proclaimed ‘tree-expert’ (MR. THEYS) who claims that Tell’s wandering imagination has been rearranging his silverware, it marks the beginning of a series of unbelievable encounters. Only when he comes face to face with a shape-shifting elephant that obeys all—well, some—of the ideas in his head does Tell slowly start to accept that the strange Mr. Theys may be on to something. Unfortunately for Tell and his imagination (THEPAT), others are on to it, too...

Confronted with powerful forces taking over a world that isn’t his, where belief is outlawed and people carry pocket mirrors for protection, it will take a butler with a hidden agenda, a surly wolf and a man with two bodies looking for a run-away king to help Tell uncover his father’s unimaginable secret…

Audience: Middle Grade (10+)

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More to Come...

The adventures in Themiddle have just begun. Watch for the sequel to Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle, coming in 2021.


Fed up with living in a chaotic state and now knowing who his parents really are, Tell is determined to restore order to Themiddle and reclaim his rightful place.

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Mayer is an associate member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.


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