Laredo Middle School PTCO

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Community Organization at Laredo Middle School!

Our purpose is to support our teachers, students, administrators and school families through community events, fundraising and volunteering.

Your contributions to our organization are greatly needed. The PTCO contributes to many of the fun things that our teachers and students look forward to. Things such as LEEF grants and teacher appreciation days for our wonderful teachers and staff, as well as the monthly pride table for our hard working students.

Help us give our fabulous 8th graders a send off to remember! Please consider a donation to the end-of-year celebration for our 8th grade students.

Amazon donates much needed funds to your favorite organizations and Laredo Middle School is one of them! Please click on this link when you shop on Amazon and a portion of your purchase will come back to the school.

We are always in need of donations for our Pride Table. One way you can help out with Pride Table donations is through our Amazon Wish List. It's as easy as following this link, choosing an item (or two) to donate and clicking to purchase. That’s it! The item(s) will be shipped directly to the school and your work is done. Thank you so much for helping to make our Pride Table a fun reward for our hard-working students!

Upcoming Events