7th Grade Science

Meet Mrs. Berger

Mrs. Katie Berger grew up in Marshall, Missouri. She began her teaching career in Sweet Springs, teaching 6th grade and then spent 5 years teaching 6th grade science in Marshall. For the next 8 years, Mrs. Berger was the media specialist at the middle school there. She and her family relocated to Lawson in 2019 to raise their children near family (Mr. and Mrs. Crawford at LHS). She loves teaching science and strives to keep students engaged and motivated to learn.

Email: bergerk@lawsoncardinals.org Lawson Middle School: 1-816-580-7279

Daily Schedule

1st Hour Science: 8:10-9:00

2nd Hour Plan: 9:04-9:54

3rd Hour Science: 9:58-10:53

4th Hour Science: 10:57-12:13

Lunch from 11:19-12:02

5th Hour Science: 12:17-1:07

6th Hour Science: 1:11-2:01

7th Hour Science: 2:05-3:02

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What Students Can Expect from Science Class

In science this year, students should expect to work hard. Choice is the name of the game in Mrs. Berger's classroom. Students will get to choose from a variety of activities to help them learn the material as well as earn their grades. We will focus on learning and students will spend a great deal of time discussing their learning with Mrs. Berger and the rest of the class. Come to class ready to work hard!

What Parents Can Expect from Science Class

Parents should expect regular communication from Mrs. Berger. She likes to keep parents aware of what is happening at school. Make sure she has a current email and check it often. Also, don't expect to see much homework. Students will work hard in class to learn and show their understanding, so not much will overflow into home.

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

― Albert Einstein