Individual classes are available for Spinning, Weaving, Lucet, Needle Tatting, Embroidery*, Kumihimo, Aromatherapy, Knitting, Crochet*

* Including Left Handed

Information and historical demonstrations. Past events include over 20 years of living history reenactments, classroom and youth presentations, and arts / crafts shows.

Introduction to Weaving Workshop

Basic introduction to weaving, with a short group project to learn about warps and wefts. Then you will be exploring various looms, techniques and fibers.


Looms used during workshop include, but not exclusive to: inkle, inkle loom set to card weaving, rigid heddle loom, 4-harness floor loom, 4-harness table loom. Other looms will also be available, pin loom, simple tapestry, circular and more.

20 – 25 minutes loom rotation on 4 to 5 looms

Each participant will weave on a loom for 20 - 25 minutes then switch looms. Your pieces will be available to take home at the end of the workshop.

Total Costs: $45.00 (includes $5 supply fee)

Limit: 4 students

Two separate workshops have been scheduled:

    • Wednesday, January 16, 2019 11am - 2pm
    • Saturday, January 19, 2019 11am - 2pm

E-Mail to register (or any questions). Please specify: date of workshop, email and phone number.

An invoice for the workshop will be sent. At payment, follow up details will be emailed to you.

Updated November 20, 2018

Private Lessons

Private lessons are always available. Primarily for Weaving and spinning, but lessons on any technique can be scheduled.

Costs: $15.00 and travel over 50 miles, one way.

Updated 11/20/2018


Spinning - Experience an old skill of turning fibers into a useful yarn. Starting slow, you can work up to use a variety of fibers. Besides sheep's wool, you can try angora, flax, mohair, cashmere and more! How about buffalo or musk ox? FYI - musk ox is a very valuable fiber to spin!

Spinning Exotic and Unusual Fibers - Exotic and unusual fibers will be available to touch and spin in this class. Each student will receive a packet of fibers for sampling. Fibers include: alpaca, llama, seacell, tencel, milk protein, acrylic, silk, mohair, cashmere, and yak. Other fibers will be available in limited quantities.

Control the Size of your Yarn - Learn the techniques needed to spin any size yarn; lace to bulky. Tips and techniques on yarn standards, ratios, control cards, single ply, 2 ply, w.p.i., etc.

Weaving on a Small Loom or No Loom at All - Learn the basics of weaving using readily available and inexpensive materials to create beautiful woven tapestries, hangings, bags, belts and more. The objective of these sessions is to learn about color and design, basic weaving equipment and techniques. Using cardstock, sticks, hardboard and picture frames you'll create simple projects that could change the way you look at fabrics.

Weaving - Many of the objectives from Weaving on a Small Loom carry over into using a large floor loom (color and design, basic weaving techniques and more), new techniques will include choosing a threading pattern, calculating the warp and weft needed, warping a large loom, weaving and finishing. A small table loom will also be available for use.

Dyeing with Food Coloring – Using wool yarn and food coloring, explore the process of dyeing. Yarn painting is also available.