Risk and Reward

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A timeless love story that challenges the rights and wrongs with consensual romance between two adults.

A successful CEO in her late 30’s, Beth has found her career successes all but empty victories. Divorced and isolated, Beth privately craves someone to share her life with.

Fate abounds as a handsome young man from her past circles back in her life. All of 19, Beth’s former step-son confesses his lifetime of unrequited love for her. Intrigue and passion overflows, ensuing in a sweeping romance of unbridled ecstasy.

With her career and livelihood threatened, Beth faces an indifferent society with an impossible ultimatum. She must ultimately decide on a life of security or untold bliss. Everything Beth was taught is now questioned. Relationships are torn, bridges are burned, ultimately colliding with risk and reward.

Why such a risqué subject?

Artists are the gatekeepers of truth. This film poses the questions that NEED to be asked in today’s judgmental (and often) intolerant world.

We live in the 21st century. Much of what we believed to be right or wrong is now being questioned. We no longer believe in magic or sorcery. Reason and intellect challenge the morals created in the Bronze Age. Yet many still cling to their bigotry by embracing the myths and morals of an age long since passed.

Who are we to judge others? Who has given us that right?

Risk and Reward presents a mirror for us to gaze into and learn about ourselves.