"The Inspired Series" is a continuing soiree of beauty incarnate. This series is what some would call “fan art” and nothing more. I do not sell, license or benefit financially in anyway whatsoever by sharing these pieces I have drawn by hand.


I do not accept commissioned work.

Drawing beautiful women helps me decompress from the daily rigors of being an adult. These are the women that have inspired me throughout my life.

I’m fully aware of the concepts of “reality vs fan worship”. I’m not a creep who trolls celebrities. At the end of the day, I’m a dad, a husband, and someone who just doesn’t take life too seriously, and neither should you.


A well known model from Australia, Jess popped up on my Instagram feed one day and it was apparent she had multiple qualities that could inspire millions.

Check her out!


Better known as the lead singer of the Bangles, Susanna has a striking visual presence that has captivated me since I was sixteen. I’ve been asked why draw someone who was famous forty years ago, and to that I say “BEAUTY IS TIMELESS”. Susanna has that “look” in her eyes; a sensual but inspiring gaze that TRANSCENDS all time.

This will be the first of many I’ll be drawing of Susanna.


Nikki has long been an inspiration to me and countless others. In deciding what my first few drawings would be, her name easily rose to the top of my list. Her qualities that inspire me is her prominent posture; a woman of focus, ambition, and resolve. As a wordsmith, these expressions float through my mind as I do my best to let the pencil embody the rousing breadth of her magnificent chest. Strength and might are words that seem to fall short in conveying Nikki’s enduring beauty. The years she has put into her lifestyle and look continue to inspire me as no other woman can.

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