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About Our Leaders

La Leche League Leaders are experienced parents who have nursed their own children and who have been trained and accredited by La Leche League International. Leaders can help parents and parents-to-be with questions or concerns about nursing/ breastfeeding/chestfeeding their infants/toddlers.

Our Current Leaders:


Chrissy has a three-year old son, is married and works full time. She induced lactation to be able to nurse as her son was born via gestational surrogacy, she provided 75% of his milk needs during the first year, and nursed until he was nearly three.

As a LLLLeader: An Accredited Leader since November 2017. She often leads at the weekend Meetup, answers calls on the local helpline, responds to emails, and maintains the group's website.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: "When in Doubt Whip it out!" - breastfeeding can be about more than milk, it's an essential parenting tool....a cure all from infancy through toddlerhood.

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: "Breast storage capacity isn't about the size of your breasts, and even if you have a small storage capacity, you can still create enough milk to feed your baby.... you may just need to feed more often!"

Fondest Breastfeeding Memory: "The first time he unlatched while nursing and smiled then giggled at me."


Damaris is originally from Puerto Rico, living in the MD area for the past 12 years, she has a five-year old daughter and a one-year old son, is married and works full time. She is currently nursing her son and her daughter nursed until she was nearly three.

As a LLLLeader: An Accredited Leader since February 2017. She will be leading our Spanish speaking Meetups (coming soon!) and participates in community outreach.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: “Nursing is not just food. It is comfort and security and so much more.”

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: “That human’s milk changes based on the baby’s need, because they are growing or sick.”

Fondest Breastfeeding Memory: That time when I was nursing my son, and my daughter came over sat by my side and started nursing her “baby” doll.

*Speaks Spanish, Necesitas ayuda en Español?


Harriet Is the mother to five sons and grandmother to 13 grandchildren. She is a retired IBCLC (1998-2013).

As a LLLLeader: Started attending LLL Meetings in 1967 and has been an Accredited Leader since 1976. She has been a LLLLeader in Connecticut and Maryland. She often leads at the weekday Meetups.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: Having latch issues? Lie Back and Relax! is a technique that is often helpful.

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: You can tell whether a baby is full or not without ounce marks on the breast. Just look at their arms and fists. Tight means "empty" and relaxed means "full". And if a baby wakes up within a few minutes of being laid down after a good feeding, he/she is probably cold or wants to cuddle and may not be hungry.

Fondest Breastfeeding Memory: "We moved to CT when our first two children were no longer nursing. When our third child was born, our new family doctor was concerned that our son wasn't getting enough iron with just my milk without introducing solid food around three or four months. I was able to find documentation from LLL on this subject and shared it with him. I didn't start solids until my babies showed signs of readiness. By the time we had our fifth child, when we came to that same time with the new baby, the doctor said "We know how we feel on this subject." Even though he didn't completely agree with me (or LLL) he couldn't deny that all three of my sons that he had cared for since infancy, gained well, were healthy, thriving and with more than high enough iron levels on "just" breast milk until they were ready for solids."


Jess is a spouse of an active duty Army soldier, together they have three children. She got involved with LLL when her second child was experiencing a lot of different breastfeeding issues, which led to her offering a lot of advice through her journey. She continued nursing and tandem breastfed her two youngest children for over two years, and they both ended up self-weaning together. She is a certified breastfeeding specialist, and an aspiring IBCLC.

As a LLLLeader: An Accredited Leader since March 2017. She is our groups's Social Media Manager, she often leads at the weekend Meetups and responds to emails.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: “You are enough!”

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: "You can consume alcohol and breastfeed safely if you want. Alcohol passes freely through your milk and does not accumulate. So there is no need to pump and dump! Cheers!!"

Fondest Breastfeeding Memory: “The first tandem feed with my newborn and toddler! You never know how your youngest toddler will react to the new baby in the house. She was so gentle latching on to the opposite side and started rubbing her sister’s arm as if she was telling her ‘everything is okay, big sis is here!"


Kerry is a full-time mom to two daughters, and is married. She grew up hearing about LLL from her mother, who didn't learn of LLL soon enough to benefit from it but who tried her best to nurse her three children anyway, in spite of having no support. Kerry was grateful to receive help from LLL from the time that her first baby was just a month old. She then became a Leader to support other mothers.

As a LLLLeader: An Accredited Leader since 2002. She is our group treasurer and often leads at the weekday Meetups.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: "Babies don't need a lot of gear - they mostly need to be held and kept close to their mother. When family and friends ask to hold the baby, suggest that they wash the dishes or do some laundry while you nurse, and then they can hold the baby. When they ask what the baby needs, tell them the baby needs a casserole!"

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: "The iron in breastmilk is highly bio-available and doesn't irritate baby's immature digestive system. In contrast, iron supplements are very poorly absorbed."

Funniest Breastfeeding Memory: "At a friend's house with my two little ones, my toddler found a coin on the floor. She walked over to me, threw her head back laughing, and dropped the coin in her mouth. I saw it cover her windpipe, picked her up and turned her upside down, dislodging the coin (that part wasn't funny). When we got home, her four-year-old big sister said, 'Guess what Daddy? Cora had nickel confusion!'"


Lior is a full-time, homeschooling Mother-In-Chief to 3 kiddos, 8, 6, and 1 years old, and is married. She came to LLL while struggling to nurse her first child. With the proper support and information, she went on to successfully nurse him, and her subsequent children and in time became a Leader to help others.

As an LLLLeader: An Accredited Leader since May 2014. She is our group Librarian, often leads at the Weekend Meetups, and responds to emails.

Favorite Breastfeeding Tip: "Change your expectations, not your baby."

Favorite Breastfeeding Fun Fact: "Baby Backwash! While nursing your baby's saliva actually goes back into your breast and then your breast creates milk to specifically protect and provide for the baby and their current needs! Its two-way communication, amazing!"

*Speaks Hebrew