Lake Norman On Stage began as a filler page in a program for the Mooresville Community Children's Theatre in Mooresville, NC. I thought it would be good use of the empty space to highlight other upcoming performances from local theater groups.From there I created a Facebook Page where I could share upcoming events from these groups. In my day job I encounter a lot of people - new transplants to the area and long time residents - and I frequently hear comments about "nothing to do locally" or similar. ​While the Facebook page is nice for sharing posts by the theater groups it does not work so well for presentation of a concise calendar.So clicking the link above "See What's Coming on Stage" will take you to the schedule page which has a nice 'agenda' presentation. I also plan to add other features to the site like a Google Map for local theaters.Meanwhile, feel free to scroll down and check out my Spotify playlist "Mark's Magic Musical Playlist" which has over 64 hours of musical soundtracks to films and live cast recordings. Beside that is a link to my somewhat smaller, YouTube playlist "Mark's Magical Musical Memory Tour".