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Erick Berry's Black Folk Tales

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My Projects at LibriVox

I've created this webpage to share the work I've been doing at as a prooflistener, reader, and book coordinator. LibriVox is a wonderful project to work on and a great community; you can find out more about volunteering for LibriVox at their website,

Below you can see the projects I am participating in right now, along with a list of completed projects. To the left, I've also embedded an audio playlist of a recently completed project: Erick Berry's Black Folk Tales, published in 1928. You can read the text online at the Internet Archive and listen to the audio there too.

I'm also really excited about having completed my first group project, for which I created this anthology: Tales of 1928: A Selection of Folktales, Fables, and Legends from Books Published in 1928. You can see the text of the anthology at the Internet Archive... and now the recording of Tales of 1928 is available too. Next up: Tales of 1927!

Completed Projects

For more information about each book, use the LibriVox catalog link. Meanwhile, the Internet Archive provides a flexible listening interface, along with embedding options; that's how I was able to embed the playlist on this page.

Book Coordinator

Solo Reader
As you can see, I have been focusing on African folktales. When I started, there were 150 African folktales in the LibriVox catalog, and now there are over 400. Here's a list of all 400 African folktales now in the LibriVox catalog. 

Contributing Reader