Liana Jacobi

I am Associate Professor of Economics at The University of Melbourne. My CV can be found here.

My main research area is Bayesian inference with a focusing on methods with applications in Economics, in particular Empirical Health and Labour Economics, and more recently Bayesian VAR analysis.

I am currently a Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council (2018-2021). My research is also supported by a Discovery Grant of the Australian Research Council (2018-2020).

I am the treasurer-elect of the ISBA-EFaB Section and co-chair of the Bayesian Analysis and Modeling Research Group (BAM). BAM, founded in 2014, organizes a yearly Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop with a Masterclass held by an international keynote speaker. For more information on BAM and upcoming events please see here.

My current research focuses on

  • sensitivity analysis for Bayesian MCMC output (prior robustness and convergence)
  • Bayesian choice modelling and treatment effects analysis
  • illicit and licit drug use
  • food taxes
  • labour market consequences of maternity leave.