Liz Grace

Channeled Light

As a Celestial Shaman, Liz connects with multi-dimensional beings with higher wisdom and light codes to help tune your frequency and align you to your higher self.

What is light language?

"Light language serves various purposes. It raises vibration and expands consciousness, assists with clearing negative imprints from past life issues, releases limiting beliefs and negative patterns and programming, aligns a person with their divine purpose, and assists with the ascension journey."

- Yvonne Perry, Light Language Emerging

Light language is not meant to be understood with the mind.

It speaks directly to the heart.

What is it like to experience channeled light language by Liz Grace?

See below.

Beings all around You

Segment of a message channeled for a friend.


What does this light message say to you? Listen with your heart.

Give your Gift

Segment of a channeling for another healer.

Live by the Heart

Channeled message: We must live by the heart.

Holding your Heart

An example of a heart healing.

Here is your Heart

Finishing up a heart healing.


"Liz performed a reading for me a couple weeks ago. I live in Florida but I communicated my information and questions with her. She sent me a 35 minute video of my reading during which she communicated messages for me from my "spirit team" as well as from her own spirit guides. I must say it was a very powerful and emotional experience. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking spiritual guidance. Not only she did tell me what messages were coming through, she explained her processes as well so I could better understand the messages and "how" they were being presented. Liz has a calming, healing way about her, is a true professional, and has a genuine desire to share her beautiful, gentle heart with others so they can experience true healing and growth as they travel through their human journey!"

- Rachel

"Liz brought through Light Language verbally and energetically. "They" wanted to heal my heart and reached her hand in my heart's direction. I felt incredible radiant warmth which filled my heart and entire chest cavity. They also spoke to the issue (Light Language and some English), that I was processing and it landed just right. As an aside, I train people to become Awakened Intuitives so I have very keen discernment. Liz is the real deal!"

- Danae Shanti Thrive

"As someone who has been struggling with chakra blockage and feeling lost in her spiritual path, I could not have asked for a better experience. Everything that Liz channeled for me brought great significance to me and has already changed so many aspects of my life. All I can say is: Amazing, worth it, life-changing. Even if you're not looking for some life-changing news, Liz does an incredible job giving some peace of mind and her channeling is a breath of fresh air."

- Anna