Stoneleigh Village


The first house built in the subdivision was 34623 Summers Street, built in April 1977, and the last built was 34608 Pinehurst Drive, built in April 1978. There were two builders active in the subdivision: Empire Homes and Starlight Homes. Generally, homes built in the eastern half of the subdivision were built by Starlight, those in the western half by Empire. Starlight is now out of business, but Empire is reported to still be active in the greater Detroit area. Model homes were the first several homes on each side of Ashurst Street at Schoolcraft. At the time Stoneleigh Village was developed, both SMB Estates, the subdivision immediately west of Stoneleigh Village and the homes east of Stoneleigh Village along Schoolcraft were already built and occupied.

The original plat had Pinehurst Drive named Scone Street, to conform with the existing street names in the rest of Livonia (Summers, Middleboro, Ashurst, and Riverside all conform to existing street names in Livonia), but the name was changed on the final plat.

Some 57+ original residents of Stoneleigh Village still live here. An attempt in the early 1990s by the Livonia School Board to place Frost Woods up for sale and development was vehemently opposed with petitions and appearances at meetings by Stoneleigh Village residents. The plan was dropped.

Stoneleigh Village has a very good reputation throughout Livonia and Livonia City Government and is on the registry of active homeowners associations at City Hall.