Living Map

Locally-Led Digital Preservation of Public Art in 3D

Interactive Public Art Mapping

Imagine walking around Wynwood murals or between public sculptures in Doral or North Miami, via an interactive map. The Living Map / Mapa Vivo website showcases dynamic digital 3D models of public art, video interviews, sound and text about the artists and artworks in Spanish/English.

Power2Voice and the Arc/k Project 3D experts support local community members in choosing pieces most significant to them, and in capturing art with photogrammetry. The immersive history surrounds you with a sense of belonging and expands your curiosity to rediscover Miami’s art through a new lens.

Connecting the physical and virtual for users through rich 3D models encourages discourse and storytelling about the community’s layers of history.

Participants and artists will benefit from collaborative photogrammetry training workshops and locals and visitors will benefit from accessing public art in transformative ways. Our connections to Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, DORCAM, and Univision will support outreach and promotion.

"A Love Supreme (Wynwood Saints)"2019 El Mac.

The Project

The Arc/k Project and Power2Voice seek to work with communities in Miami, Florida to create a 3D map of art in public places for audience engagement and cultural heritage enrichment. The accessible, collaborative arts program will support community storytelling and cultural expression.

The non-profit organizations will teach local community members how to 3D capture a variety of public art. Participants will work together to determine which sculptures, murals and historic sites are most meaningful for them.

The interactive map and website will include 3D models, educational resources and multimedia stories featuring short bios and audio/video interviews. To ensure accessibility, the website will be in English & Spanish, and be compatible across devices.

In community-led projects, participants take pride in choosing which sites and statues to document and preserve. Furthermore, they often highlight underrepresented stories and cultures.

The 3D models derived from the photographic data contribute to the interactivity of the project. As opposed to a static image, a 3D model invites the web viewer to zoom in on details, and to rotate the object to see angles and textures. Additionally, the 3D model allows for future applications such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.

Most people enjoy learning about cultural highlights within the city before deciding to visit them. An accessible, attractive website and interactive map would go a long way to welcome tourists and locals alike to explore the city’s exciting art expressions and discover unique local history.

La Doble Imagen, 2021. Manolo Valdés . Doral.


Historic Preservation

This map will capture significant public art expressions in a city. It will help to understand a specific moment with its context. If we continue developing the project in subsequent years, it will help navigate the ideas that matter in a community and the ways they express them.

Inspire People to Explore the City

Visitors are savvy and discerning. They educate themselves on local communities before deciding on an ultimate destination. An interactive map and fun, educational website will inspire tourists and locals to explore the city's rich culture. Moreover, for those who are unable to travel to Miami in person, they will have access to the creative public art vibe, and can easily share this unique digital experience on social media . visitors will benefit from accessing public art in transformative ways.

Promoting Local Participation

We strive to encourage public awareness, participation, and appreciation of arts in the city. We plan to work closely with the community, hear from residents and make sure their voices are listened to during all the research and production phases. Local partners will include schools, libraries and community centers to support connections across age, socioeconomic status and cultural background.

Highlighting Local Artists

Highlight the work of local artists and photography schools by elevating their work and providing a platform for them to reach a mass audience.


  • 3D digital models - highlighting the details and creativity of these public art works creates an immediacy and welcomes curiosity in the interaction

  • Audio recordings, artist interviews - telling the stories of the murals and public art

  • Interactive Map Website in English and Spanish - amplifying and engaging communities

  • Events - virtual and in-person events will create enriching experiences for this project.

  • Social media toolkits - increasing awareness and encouraging visitation to the public art


  1. Defining a route with a local meaning

We will identify public art corridors: areas rich in murals, public art, and installations. Using a collaborative process which reflects each local community’s preferences, our goal is to document 8 to 10 artworks in this first phase. There could also be a focus on particular topics or “tracks” such as Black Lives Matter pieces, prominent local figures, or the sculptures or new murals popping across the US to promote hope and community during the pandemic.

2. Engaging Local Photography Schools

We will work with local schools of photography to engage a large group of students in photogrammetry training. The resulting multimedia elements-- 3D models, historical research, audio interviews--will be created by the students for a multitude of uses, beyond the interactive map and website. School Partners:

Roberto Mata School of Photography. Link.

Miami Institute of Photography. Link.

3. Photogrammetry

The 3D digital models will be created using photogrammetry, a beautiful fusion of mathematics, photography, and computer graphics. It is the process of shooting and analyzing hundreds of photographs of a given subject and processing/calculating the images into an extremely accurate, texture-rich, 3D digital model using computer software. Arc/k has trained in techniques of photogrammetry for historical and cultural objects, and continues to optimize it for accuracy and excellence. Arc/k teaches and promotes accessible 3D digital documentation methods, empowering people and institutions to archive and experience their heritage in powerful new ways. Participants in the collaborative photogrammetry workshops will upload their image datasets to the Arc/k Project Digital Donation Portal. Arc/k experts will process the data and derive the 3D digital models.

4. Producing the interactive website

We will develop a website that will allow people to navigate the map of the public art and learn their dynamic stories. We will add text, sound, history, and interviews to provide context about the public art and artist. The website will be compatible across devices, and in Spanish and English.

5. Promoting the maps

Working in partnership with tourism, business, government and arts sectors, we will promote the website and map on multiple media platforms and channels including TV, radio, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and tourism sites. We will also organize in-person events, and record/livestream interviews with photographers and artists who participated in the project to boost engagement.

6. Tracking and measuring success

We will monitor demographics, traffic and engagement through analytics tools. Surveys to our participants and community partners will yield helpful insights and feedback.

With a similar process, staff from Arc/k Project and Power2Voice coordinated with Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela to document public sculptures and artworks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, museum collections and monuments in six cities across Venezuela, engaging communities and students of photography schools to digitally preserve their heritage.

The Team

Ana Maria Carrano, Executive Director, Power2Voice

Award-winning journalist and project manager with over 20 years of experience in cultural management, focused on innovation, and social impact. She was awarded the J.S.Knight Fellowship 2013-14 at Stanford University and the MDC Innovation Prize 2018 (Miami Dade College-2nd. Place). Alongside with the Arc/k Project, she coordinated The 3D Museum – presenting 3D models of objects and places of cultural relevance, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, produced by community volunteers.

Olivia Liendo, Director of Strategy & Operations, Power2Voice

Olivia Liendo is an award-winning media producer with over ten years of experience creating content that surprises, engages, and informs multicultural audiences. Currently, she leads campaigns that reach more than 60 million people for Univision, one of the biggest media companies for US Hispanics. She has a master's degree in New Arts Journalism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and lives in Miami, Florida.

Marcelo Llobell , Director of Curatorial Affairs, Power2Voice

Born in Mendoza-Argentina, Marcelo Llobell is a cultural entrepreneur and businessman. He has developed and curated art projects in Miami for over 20 years, among them the Nela Arias-Misson Estate and archives. He is cofounder of the ART INDUSTRY MOVEMENT at Doral, FL. He is also cofounder of the Doral Contemporary Art Museum, DORCAM.

Scott Purdy, Director of Operations, The Arc/k Project

Scott majored in Anatomy/Physiology, graduating with a BS from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After transitioning from medicine to a more creative field, he began his career in post-production for films in 2003. Since then, Scott has collaborated with directors, producers, cinematographers and others on a wide range of projects. At Pacific Title, he managed post work for all of the “Big Six” major film studios. In 2009, he joined Lit Post as a digital intermediate producer, overseeing the finished process for more than 50 features, documentaries and shorts.After working closely with such talented artists and technologists and seeing the potential of digital cultural imaging, Scott decided to move into the nonprofit world. As the Director of Operations at Arc/k, he relishes the challenge of using his knowhow in bringing together technology and people to help further the cause of digital cultural preservation.

Brittany Delany, Director of Development, The Arc/k Project

Brittany’s consistent practice and artistic background is in collaborative modes of making. She earned a B.A. in French Studies and a B.A. in Dance: Choreography & Performance from Wesleyan University. With over a decade of experience working in the non-profit sector for arts and culture organizations, she brings her dynamic experience as an arts administrator, grant writer, programs coordinator, dancer, choreographer, community organizer, event producer, and marketing professional. She values the power of imagination and teamwork.As the Director of Development for the Arc/k Project, she welcomes the unique opportunity to support innovative intersections in cultural heritage, activism, and digital technology.

Krista Benson, Photogrammetry Supervisor, The Arc/k Project

Krista’s background includes a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology for commercial photography. Krista has worked over eighteen years in visual effects as a compositor and 3D artist at companies such as Digital Domain and Sony Imageworks on feature films, commercials, and episodic television. She has twenty-nine feature film credits on films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Tron Legacy, and Alice in Wonderland.

Krista has extensive knowledge and experience in shooting photogrammetry in studio and on location for archival purposes, as well as processing the solves for the large majority of footage shot. As a Photogrammetry Supervisor, she has worked with museums and cultural institutions in the USA and abroad, such as the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, WA, the Secwepemc Museum in in Kamloops, British Columbia, and the 2141 Kamloops Heritage Railway in British Columbia. She has led teams of people on location during photogrammetry shoots, and she has taught people locally and abroad best methodologies for capturing subjects for photogrammetry.

Michael Conyers, Archivist, The Arc/k Project

Michael has worked with online digital catalogs, books, and archives for the past 20 years. After working at from 1998-2008, he attended the University of Washington Information School as well as Copenhagen University’s Royal School of Information and Library Science, graduating with his MLIS graduate degree in 2014. He is also a Certified Librarian of Washington State, holds a degree in Library Technology and is a member of various archival, library and historical associations. As the Digital Archivist of the Arc/k Project, Michael manages the organization’s digital content, is a working advocate for universal 3D metadata standards, and collaborates with organizations and individuals around the world to digitally archive and protect their own cultural heritage through new and engaging visual technologies.

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Brittany Delany, Director of Development of The Arc/k Project

Ana Maria Carrano, Executive Director / Olivia Liendo, Director of Strategy & Operations, Power2Voice